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Children for sale!

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Pile of Dead Kids: ... owforum=10

One of these costs $34K. Wow. That's pretty damn steep considering that you can make these things yourself.

You can buy them much cheaper than that in Romania and Kazakhstan.  I would try there first before paying so much.


Save your pennies dumbfuck. Maybe you can pickup a deaf  phillipino on the cheap. You could send him/her to a program and then have a gardener/cook for life. And since you addopted him/her you won't have to pay any salery or taxes.Sweet huh?


--- Quote from: "none-ya" ---I'm going to save my pennies to buy a little philipino boy so I can raise him as my personal deviant sex slave.
--- End quote ---

Your sick, none-ya!  Get help for your disgusting habits.


Flunkie see,
flunkie do.
Now we are sure you're NOT whooter.


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