Author Topic: OMG I think this was done to me! and who knows how more?  (Read 6876 times)

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OMG I think this was done to me! and who knows how more?
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Human Guinea Pigs

Another psychiatrist in the saga is Denis Lazure, president of the Canadian Psychiatric Association in 1966.

From 1999 to 2001, Lazure headed the "Support Committee for Justice for the Duplessis Orphans" ? an effort that, according to Rod Vienneau, betrayed those it pretended to help. Vienneau compared Lazure's position on the committee to "a fox in the chicken coop."

In his memoirs, Medecin et Citoyen, published in 2002, Lazure wrote that in 1952, while interning at Hospice St. Jean de Dieu, a massive psychiatric facility in Montreal since renamed Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine Hospital, he and five other interns regularly administered electroshock and routinely put patients into insulin comas.4

Lazure breezily described how he would "start the day pushing the button on the electrical box that sends a current to provoke an epileptic-type convulsion in tens of patients who hadn't received any preparatory medication."5

Then he was off to the insulin coma rooms, "half-lit, vile-smelling, with two dozen patients that we'd inject with doses of insulin strong enough to induce a coma. After several hours of excessive sedation, they'd receive a glucose injection, which usually brought them back to consciousness. It sometimes happened that we got the shock of a patient that failed to reawaken."

ever since my stay at Fair oaks Psych i have had flashback and nightmare of this 1 memory from fair oaks:
I remember waking up on a stretcher with an iv and the horrible smell and i could hardly breathe after catching my breath i screamed and cried what is this in me take it out and screamed then a (I assume doc) comes to me and tells me to shut up and if i don't he will pull my fingernails out 1 by 1

has anyone has had a memory like this? or i have really lost my mind I'm so confused
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