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Daytop almost killed me

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I rarely write on message boards but i can't rest and need to make this post about my Daytop experience:

I was sent to daytop from a psychiatric institution i suffered depression all my life and did use drugs as a teen.
but when at daytop my depression went out of control when i was sent in for my 1st marathon group.
now i don't want to get too personal but i also endured severe child abuse since as far as i can remember.
the marathon they basically tried to rip me apart emotionally pressured me to talk of this abuse in a group of about 12
I didn't make it to the end of the marathon i became very distressed and was let out to see the only trained staff they had who was a social worker where she sat me in her office and told me they were sending me back to the psych hospital and that i would be in  an institution for the rest of my life.
after this i proceeded to put an end to my life and locked myself in the bathroom and attempted suicide by cutting my wrists. i loss a lot of blood and nearly died i cut my self so bad that i had to be put into surgery to get sewn back together and a blood transfusion. enough graphics and my point of this message was there response.
the next day after surgery i was visited by 2 daytop staff and signed out of ICU and taken and dropped on my mothers doorstep. I was only 16 and didn't care was glad to be home but years later i still am traumatized by this.
why did they not help me? why drop me off on my mothers doorstep?
I can only see 1 answer COVERUP!

@ Got2bme
Two quick thoughts on this before I have to dash. These are: Welcome and Damn, I’m sorry.

Also couple of questions occurred to me while reading your post:
•   Which location did they send you to after your time in the psych stay? Do you know what the connection was between the facilities or who made the referral to Daytop? Was this psych facility the one from your first post “Fair Oaks Hospital in Summit, NJ”?
•   Which level were you at/How long were you at Daytop before you were put into the Marathon?
•   How was Daytop able to act as guardian in order to sign release for the surgery and to sign you out of the ICU? Did they not notify your parents or guardians before dropping you at home?

--- Quote ---why drop me off on my mother’s doorstep?
--- End quote ---
IDK, but it is a good question. I wonder what the discharge summary and instructions were from the medical hospital where your wounds were treated. I can’t imagine that it did not include some sort of conditions for follow up care. If Daytop somehow implied to them that they would be responsible for continuing your care, it was clearly a misrepresentation—considering. Have you ever been able to broach this topic with your mother?

--- Quote ---why did they not help me?
--- End quote ---
IMO they can’t really help as much as they hurt. I say this not to minimize your experience, but getting out of there may in fact have minimized the potential for further harm from Daytop by cutting off your exposure to their brutal brand of *treatment methodologies* especially in regards (though certainly not exclusively so) to your trauma history.

ok my 1st psych stay was at 11 yrs old at fair oaks where i was kept for a yr then transferred to trenton state hospital and from there i was sent to daytop
i don't think i obtained a lvl was in evaluation unit in far rockaway for 2 weeks then sent to millbrook ny adolescent unit i was there for about 3 weeks before 1st marathon(and last) thank God!
and as for your 3rd Question i have no idea at 1 point i was ward of the state in fact it was my DYFS worker that took me to daytop and in fact My mother was one of my abusers :(
and you are right its good i got out cause after myt experience of abuse at fair oaks and Trenton state psychiatric hospital adolescent unit i had no trust in any authority and found my way on my own through the years am now 43 and in good therapy with a wonderful Psychiatrist and am doing well. But only began repairing the damage done 4 yrs ago

BTW TY for your input :)

oh and yes they did call my mother and notify her but not medical instructions in fact my mother wouldn't take me to a doctor so i ended up taking all 400+ stitches myself unfortunately 1 yr later i had to have my arm reopened to remove  a stitch i missed and got infected

Just joined the site and been searching for ways to get some kind of justice I could not speak to my mother about this she didn't care and now she is dead so can't get any info there

Wow out of the pan and into the fire. From an abusive home to abusive treatment milieu --that’s a familiar theme for Daytop (from one abusive family to another). God having to dig out your own stitches…So, clearly Daytop dropped you off with a bit more baggage than you had arrived at them with and without much regard for your welfare and apparently DYFS didn’t follow up either.

It’s no wonder that you developed a mistrust of authority. By that point most of those who had been charged with caring for you had mistreated you.

I’m glad you’re in a better place in life now and that you are having success working with a good psychiatrist. I think the per capita ratio of the existence of those makes the odds tantamount to that of finding a morgan silver dollar on a hiking trail.

I was in the second of the Daytop facilities that you mentioned and another one which sounds similar to the first you mention (only instead of evaluation IIRC it was at my time actually referred to as a detention facility and later called a *diagnostic* center). Were they as dissimilar in your time there as they were later?

My best wishes to you for your continued healing.

I was in both of the Daytop facilities that you mentioned. Were they as dissimilar in your time there as they were later?

Not sure what you mean? but i would answer yes the evaluation unit in far rockaway was much pleasant but millbrook was a nightmare


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