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Posted this on /b/ today...

--- Quote ---Greetings fellow /b/tards... Once again it is time to take on a new rival, a multi-billion dollar industry that illegally incarcerates teenagers, denies them even the most basic of human rights and physically and mentally abuses (brainwashes) both these kids and their families. The Troubled Teen Industry has been escaping accountability for their crimes against humanity for over  4 decades. Originating from a cult called The Church of Synanon (also linked with Scientology) it has spawned into a multi-billion dollar child raping industry. I myself was a child prisoner of these money hungry shit for brains religious nuts and I can honestly say they ruined my life and the life of countless others. We've been working for years trying to shut these places down but they keep popping back up with the same staff, same cult doctrine and the same abusive techniques. How can we continue to let this happen when there are children being abused as we speak? It's time we took them down for good! /b/ I desperately need your help! We need to take over their websites, hack their emails, bank accounts, records, get every piece of dirt we can find and go after every last one of these sick and demented pieces of shit and DESTROY THEIR LIVES like they have done to thousands of families! If we can’t take them down now, and Mitt Romney gets the Repub. candidacy WERE FUCKED! Robert Litchfield is the head of one of one of the most notorious troubled teen organizations, WWASP (no defunct) or Teen Revitalization (they had to change their name to escape the reputation we have given them) and was Romney's campaign financial co-chair before Mitt had to publicly distance himself from Litchfield due to the massive class action lawsuit against WWASP. I believe they still have financial ties and if Mitt Romney gains any power in our government, our efforts to change government policy to protect the rights of children in residential treatment programs will be a loss. There is so much more to this than I can write on one message board and there are so many different programs and organizations, this would have to be a full scale strategic take over. If you give a shit about human rights… please help us.
--- End quote ---

But sadly all /b/ cares about these days is fapping to furry porn...


--- Quote from: "FemanonFatal2.0 " ---Originating from a cult called The Church of Synanon (also linked with Scientology)...
--- End quote ---
Great piece! However... the above quote is a HIGHLY debatable claim. Most likely the TTI arose out of methods of behav mod developed by our own government during or slightly before WW II.

Originally used only on military prisoners, then on more or less hardcore juvenile delinquents, and then later applied to softer targets, it really took off during the Cold War years when our government was investigating various methods of controlling people's behavior.

In fact, I really wouldn't be too surprised if Chuckie D's progress had been closely watched. Didn't he get government funding at some point?

Too bad for him that he lost it, and condoned playing with rattlesnakes.

Well Im trying to gte a group together in Dallas tx for a more critical viewpoint of teh psychiatric profession for thos eof us with emntal problems to gripe and complain and this could be  apart of the topics there the teen programs and how to shut them down but having a hard time getting anyone together.


--- Quote from: "FemanonFatal2.0" ---But sadly all /b/ cares about these days is fapping to furry porn...
--- End quote ---
And this is surprising how, exactly?  Please don't bring Anonymous's fickle wrath down on Fornits.


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