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Operation Reentry

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This is really marvelous - finally a venue to share some haunting, and confusing memories of Operation RE-Entry!  Yup, I was there for 4 freeking years - No idea why other than I wasn't a bad girl, nor was I a good girl and Warren Klein loved me!  I was there commuting everyday from Coral Gables to Miami Beach from around 1970-1974.  I missed my childhood for sure!  I look forward to other posts.  I do have some pictures?

You mentioned a death ... the boy who died had the last name of Warner.  His brother was more active - was a black belt and once smacked me across the head for being late to his carpool ride home as he didnt want to miss Kung Fu!  The brother died from a cardiac issue.  They called it a heart attack.  I remember the funeral.  Perhaps it was in Coconut Grove?

jim dandy:
Boy, Howdy! just read the previous posts. My re-action is just pure disgust. I didn't know that there were other 'programs in Miami at the time , all competing for LEAA funds,and it seems still the game goes on.
It is well known, and proven over and over that a person can be impelled to do things that would otherwise be morally and ethically repugnant to that individual.
i can and will refer to the literature if requested, but citing jonestown should suffice. Or Hale-Bopp, or the list goes on.
I live near orlando fl, and here's my tale. In Miami, there was a group called the 'Yahwehs' look em up, alternate reference Hulon Mitchell. they bought otherwise untenable properties, and buffed 'em up, advertising them as black resort destinations. pembroke pines, so hollywood, 79th st, at 7th ave and at the beachside.
A  warrant cop pointed out to me that those properties were commercially useless, except as firebases.
I know this because i was had communication with a contractor who hauled a lot of equipment for those folks. the equipment he hauled was what we call' boilerplate" ie: quarter inch steel, useful only for bulk storage, short term. Only for storage of bulk cash, weapons, drugs. (don't think drugs)
Anyway they're here now the yahwehs, and thre are the local mosque, and  how many other, masquerading as 'drug rehab, or intervention, or other such do=gooding, abstentious programs.
Lets all abstain from drugs any and all. we can effectively counter those vices with violent intervention in the lives of others.
let-s call it by the numbers, you all, and curtail this monster.
Jim Dandy.


--- Quote ---jim dandy wrote;
'Lets all abstain from drugs any and all."
--- End quote ---

Surely,you joke, right?

was just thinking about Operation "rear Entry" today, which pops up in my head on occasion.  I was 13 years old (1977) when my parents, freaked out about my older brother's drug problems, put me in this place after skipping school and trying pot.  I learned much of what I know about drugs in that place. To this day, the months I spent in this program continue to haunt my memories.  Rich so-called ex-addicts mentally abusing children and extorting money from their parents with promises to "fix" their child. My brother's head was shaved as punishment (many times), my hair was cut by inches at a time, forced to wear a stocking cap to represent a shaved head, a sandwich sign stating what a piece of crap I was, sweeping the gutters in the street of Collins ave and 36th st.  I was in fact a rebellious child and that saved me from this place and these people because I refused to buy into this scam (that my parents apparently bought out of fear) mentally and continued to rebel - my stubbornness and insight at the age of 13 kept me from going insane - the experience has however remained a trauma in my life. As OR taught me, "to be aware is to be alive"


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