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DannyB II:
I heard from a friend of mine that Joe Geranamo from Marathon House Newport/Middletown R.I. went down to Miami and worked for Re-Entry. Joe was my director at Marathon in early 1974, he would of got down there in late '74. Joe came from Daytop originally. John Overend Elan 1976-1978 also worked at Re-Enrty in the early 70's.

I read the book  as well.  It is facinating but the most interesting part is how she can glide right past the most important traumatic event in her life and not see any connection between that and the escalation of her mental disorder which she claims began when she was 8.  If that claim is true then she should have been treated by a mental health professional whether subsequent psychoses were precipitated by drugs or not.

Another interesting fact:  her brother experimented with drugs, was smart enough not to tell his parents, did not get sent to a program and did not develop a mental disorder.  

Of course there is no way to know if the program caused her illness; the focus today is on neurochemistry and genetics more than environment but anyone who dismisses this lady's experiences in OR, at a vulnerable time in her life when hormones were already affecting her neuro brain chemistry ,is a moron.  I greatly admire what she has been able to accomplish but if she would only take a really hard look at the abuse she endured at OR she may be inspired to put her considerable legal and medical talents to use to help other victims.  So far she does not seem inclined to admit that the program had any affect on her.

One more thing:  if the lady does not want to face what she went through because it would hurt her parents then I hope she will write and tell us exactly how that program helped her.  What specific "treatment" helped.




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