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Operation Reentry

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Anyone who went to ReEntry from January 1973-December 1974 please contact me at; [email protected]



I was at Operation Re-Entry from 70-74 .... please email me - Beverly
[email protected]

Fred Thompson:

--- Quote from: "??????????" ---I'm getting censored.  Psy is deleting my posts without explanation.
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The gatekeeper is probably deleting your posts.  He is a former staffer who believes in censorship.

Why is this in the seed discussion?

Oh yea,fred,we know who you are.

I came across an interesting review of the book The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey Through Madness, by Elyn R. Saks (Hyperion, 2007), which happens to mention Operation ReEntry:

Something is missing here., October 5, 2008
By P. Guerrero
This review is from: The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey Through Madness (Paperback)[/list]
What everyone who reviews this book and Ms. Saks herself untterly fails to realize is the devastating affect that her two years with "Operation ReEntry" had on her emotional and psychological development. Spawned from Synanon, a destructive and cruel cult that borrowed its methods from Korean war era mind-control and brainwashing techniques, it had her brainwashed into believing that she needed to have her spirit broken down and "rebuilt" although she never makes clear in what way it was beneficial for her to have spent two years being yelled at, made to scrub the stairs with a toothbrush, cut off from normal teenage activities, separated from her peers and turned over to a group of controlling drug addicts. Nor how her spirit was supposedly rebuilt nor to whose specifications. Lots of people have done far more drugs that Ms. Saks did and are fine. But when your parents abandon you to a cult that turns sanity, reality and common sense on its head then makes you believe you are crazy if you challange it, truth gets twisted into such a Gordian knot that sometimes insanity is the only escape. The lady seriously needs to reexamine that time in her life to understand the damage that was done by her post-traumatic reaction to her semi-incarceration. I'm not saying that she would not have schizophrenia anyway. But the massively profitable "behavioral" programs that Synanon spawned have been the cause of much post-traumatic stress and suicide, not to mention the kids who died in the "programs" as a result of abuse and neglect. Although I admire her and her accomplishments there is a big piece of the puzzle missing here. I hope Ms. Saks will do a rigorous re-examination of this time in her life and write about it.[/list]


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