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Debi baker looking for rebeckah girls 71-74


Dear Gabby:
I am looking for Becky Batchor Janalee Simpson who said she would never forget me,Bev.MC Mann Beth Mcklever Angie Elane karen T. Connie smith  Diane Burton Linda Janance Hanson Terry Miller Patty Adair Patsy Dawn Grace Mona Jenifer Joan Aunt kitty W/B [email protected]

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Hi Debi,

I was there between 71-72 and knew Grace St. Clair and Dawn Hansley (now deceased), Diane Burton, Reba Eubanks. Eloise,Susie Rumfield, Brenda Rittenberry, Brenda Joy Bowers and many others.I owuld love to knwo what everyone is up to these days.
I have no idea what most of the people on these posts are talking about! I did feel the razor strap across my butt a couple of times, but for the most part, I didn't experience any of hte abuses alleged on some of these posts. Must have happened after we left.. . It was a tough life, but I didn't experience the things that people are claiming on this site. I really loved Brother Roloff and Granny and Papa too! Does anyone know how they're doing?

Thanks for sharing such a nice information..


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