Author Topic: Yet Another PV Alumnus/Murderer  (Read 5970 times)

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Yet Another PV Alumnus/Murderer
« on: April 21, 2011, 12:21:33 PM »
What exactly was the program at PV?  Rape, pillage, and murder?

Hawkins County police: Fannin shot grandfather, stabbed grandmother
By Jeff Bobo

Published April 20th, 2010

ROGERSVILLE — A Hawkins County teen accused of murdering his grandparents allegedly shot his retired police officer grandfather and then waited for his grandmother to come home before stabbing her to death.

Brandon Charles Fannin, 16, was charged as a juvenile Monday with two counts of first-degree murder and will appear in Hawkins County Juvenile Court on Thursday morning for a detention hearing.

He is accused in the murders of his grandparents, Clyde Hoyt Fannin, 64, and Linda Sue Fannin, 54, whose bodies were discovered by police Saturday afternoon in their home at 3210 Stanley Valley Road.

Clyde Fannin retired from the Newport News (Va.) Police Department in 2003 after 31 years as a police officer. Linda Fannin was employed in a medical office in Kingsport.

The attorney general’s office has announced its intention to prosecute the boy as an adult.

On Tuesday, the Times-News acquired the juvenile petition filed by the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office against Brandon Fannin charging him with two counts of first-degree murder.

That petition, which was filed Monday afternoon, included new information not released by the HCSO during Monday’s press conference.

According to the petition, Linda Fannin was allegedly stabbed multiple times by Brandon Fannin. The HCSO made no mention of a stabbing during Monday’s press conference.

The petition alleges that Brandon Fannin gave a statement indicating he “had recently shot Clyde Fannin in the residence and then waited on Linda Fannin to come home and stabbed her multiple time, killing them both and attempting to clean up the scene.”

According to the petition, the two officers who initially discovered the Fannins’ bodies described looking through a window of the house and seeing “blood splatter on a wall and ceiling, and blood on a couch. Also observed was a large rug with an apparent foot protruding from underneath. Entry was made in the residence, and two bloody deceased bodies were located in the rug.”

Investigators believe the Fannins were murdered no less than 24 hours prior to their bodies being discovered — either Thursday or Friday.

Linda Fannin was employed at Cardiovascular Associates in Kingsport. When she didn’t show up for work Friday, a co-worker, Carolyn Sexton, reportedly called her home and spoke to Brandon Fannin.

“She didn’t show up for work Friday morning, and she hadn’t called anybody, which is unlike her,” Sexton said. “She’s worked here since January of 2005 and has missed work twice, and the second time she didn’t show up was because she was dead. I called the home, and he (Brandon) answered, and I asked to speak to her. ... He just told me she was very sick.”

A family member asked police to make a welfare check on the Fannin residence Saturday afternoon.

Brandon was missing when police discovered the bodies Saturday, as was the couple’s 2006 Honda Odyssey.

According to the petition, police found a letter on the kitchen table signed by Brandon Fannin stating “he had found his grandparents deceased and a thief must have killed them.”

Brandon Fannin returned home in the Honda Odyssey Monday at 3:45 a.m. and was taken into custody. A deputy had been stationed at the house since detectives left early Sunday morning.

Linda Fannin’s sister, Donna Foster, told the Times-News that Brandon had recently been suspended from Volunteer High School for carrying a knife. Foster said Brandon’s behavior problems had created tension in the home, and the Fannins were afraid of Brandon.

No motive for the killings has been released. Law enforcement officials aren’t willing to talk on the record about many details of this investigation due to it involving a juvenile.

The Times-News has spoken to reliable members of the law enforcement community close to the investigation, however, who agreed to share more details about the case on the condition of remaining anonymous.

They said Brandon Fannin has been treated for mental illness through Peninsula Hospital near Knoxville, and investigators have subpoenaed those records.

Brandon Fannin allegedly slit Linda Fannin’s throat from behind, and when she didn’t collapse immediately he stabbed her repeatedly. He reportedly described the act to investigators without emotion.

Brandon Fannin thought no one would know about the murders until Monday when Linda Fannin didn’t show up for work. When he returned home early Monday morning he was there to get supplies and wasn’t aware that there was a national BOLO (Be On the Lookout) for him and the vehicle.

He’d also reportedly gone to Indian Path Medical Center over the weekend for treatment of a minor injury. When hospital staff said it was a non-emergency and they couldn’t treat him without a parent’s permission, he fled the hospital.

Police believe that after the killings Brandon Fannin went to the Rogersville Wal-Mart, a Wal-Mart in Kingsport, and to the Fort Henry Mall, and that he slept in the van.

Brandon Fannin is being held at the Upper East Tennessee Regional Juvenile Detention Center in Johnson City pending Thursday’s detention hearing.
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\"Allah does not love the public utterance of hurtful speech, unless it be by one to whom injustice has been done; and Allah is Hearing, Knowing\" - The Qur\'an

A PV counselor\'s description of his job:

\"I\'m there to handle kids that are psychotic, suicidal, homicidal, or have commited felonies. Oh yeah, I am also there to take them down when they are rowdy so the nurse can give them the booty juice.\"

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Re: Yet Another PV Alumnus/Murderer
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2011, 06:55:58 AM »
Maybe they should incorporate a steady diet of Peglerizings into the aftercare program of PV to keep the "graduates" in a properly passive and docile state?

Or the staff of PV could just commit mass suicide...

I'm going with number 2.
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Re: Yet Another PV Alumnus/Murderer
« Reply #2 on: June 06, 2012, 09:00:53 PM » ... andparents

Initially I couldn't place this kid in PV since the article said he was treated at Peninsula in Knoxville. But This article states it a little more clearly...
Not much has been released publicly about Brandon Fannin’s parents and his childhood before coming to live with his grandparents. There are reports that he was neglected and abused as a child and spent months being treated for mental illness at a Peninsula Hospital facility near Knoxville[/color].[/i]
Peninsula Hospital only did short term care and the Peninsula Light House facility was outpatient care so...that does leave the village and the time frame would have put him there before COVENANT HEALTH sold it off. Proper move Tony Spezia!!!! The kid committed suicide in jail a year later. ... ficer-com/

Sorry to keep resurrecting PV from its f*cking STINKING crypt, but for some reason I can't get it off my PTSD'd mind these days.
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