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Grove School Madison, CT

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The school wants to send me to a RTC.  My parents are looking at Grove School.

Grove School appears to advertise as a college prep school, but are also operating under the angle of a Therapeutic Boarding School.

This (below) clearly indicates that their enrollment process does not screen out those who have histories of self-harm or harm to others though the injuries described as  “multiple injuries, including a black eye, ruptured blood vessels, a bloody nose and bruises on his face and arms.” which were inflicted on Doe indicate that they (Grove School) were not equipped to protect those persons.
Man sues Grove School in Madison over injuries (Includes photo of an injury sustained by the teen who is referred to as Doe)

Currently their (Grove School) Wiki page explicitly states:

--- Quote ---Grove School serves students with dyslexia, obsessive compulsive disorder, Asperger syndrome, Tourette's Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder, Bipolar disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, mild bulimia nervosa and mild anorexia nervosa. Grove School does not accept students with a diagnosis of moderate to severe cutting, conduct disorder,moderate to severe oppositional defiant disorder or chronic substance abuse problems.
--- End quote ---
The claims above are at odds with the information reportedly provided about Doe upon admission which asserts “His parents had given the Grove School staff paperwork detailing his mental illness and behavioral issues and noted in a “Special Procedures” section that he “needs space to decompress” and he is “very fragile.” Copies of the information were given to two of three staff members listed in the lawsuit, Sean Kursawe, the assistant principal; and Robert Burgett” and reports that days before the incident “he cut his arms and he told the staff he was “stressed and overwhelmed.”

It is one of the softer ones but the datasheet mentions lot of small things you need to be aware off. Background checks seem to be rarely done as the trial against a former employee named Andrew Knapp seem to suggest. Be careful about being alone with the staff.

I suggest that you run like hell.  Have you been court ordered to an RTC?

Pile of Dead Kids:

--- Quote from: "mlg81" ---I suggest that you run like hell.
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