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congressional Documents
« on: March 30, 2011, 02:06:50 PM »
If you have any Straight or Straight related documents please send to [email protected]. This will help us get congressional hearings. It would also help us get the message and proof to the appropriate authorities via our attorney. We all know that survivors are suspicious so feel free to check with Mike S. Antigen, chris they will tell you I am who I say I am. A group of us are (in the memory of a loved one) are going to insure that all documents -facts- are available to all survivors, press and congress and we are working with congressman which act as the liason to the UN. If you remember we charged
the Semblers with Crimes Against Humanity- the UN wanted to help, stated we had a case and enough evidence but our country had NOT signed that particular article.
So, please send us everything you got in the way of documents so that we may put together a case for congress and attorney.
This group entails six of us. i personally believe its time for teamwork. We are all in this together, here for each other, but most of here to support each other. No more blood spilled.

We six thank you with all our hearts for helping. Remember it will all be available on in zip format for ALL survivors as well.
Our heart felt thanks.
Remember                         any and all documents or proof of crimes. Please pass the word.
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Re: congressional Documents
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