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Mel and Betty Sembler Crimes


 I want to make it perfectly clear to you the future
You will NEVER know where your husband’s penis pump is.

     Understand that when I say Betty I mean Betty and Melvin------

You were extremely negligent in Straight
Your actions and or negligent tortured children
You are guilty of allowing water boarding, deaths, and for food and
And sleep deprivation, malnutrition, sending people mental, TORTURING CHILDREN, (It was said on the news that America doesn’t torture) Maybe the government doesn’t but you and your husband allowed it and WERE WARNED BY HRS TO STOP ABUSING CHILDREN. This is different than torture, but you and your husband not only allowed the abuse of children but the torture as well.
Even if you didn’t personally do it, you knew or should have known and ALLOWED it.
Over the coming days, I think the truth should be known to your friends.
To my knowledge, the law says that makes you an accomplice to all those crimes.
You also allowed “Crimes Against Humanity” to happen to American children
You also allowed or did commit tax fraud, along with knowing or should have known that JAHCO stamp was illegally used, along with illegally pulling children out of school, placing them in homes without the permission of courts or HRS. You held children against their will. You have committed fraud on a grand scale.
These are but a few of the CRIMES that you knew or should have known were occurring.
I have no problem letting the community know. These statements are based on documents.
My opinion is you are either crazy or have absolutely NO conscience.
You also, in my opinion, were not raised correctly, and you are NOT by long shot society elite but instead a dreg of society and an evil in society. Who NO self respecting member of government or society should socialize with. They, in my opinion, should have no affiliation with you whatsoever if they don’t want your horrendous reputation to rub off on them. It is in the best interest of the reputation of those around you to desist from being  seen with you.

Margaret Heath


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