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Troubling, or no?




--- Quote ---Development Officer
Starr Commonwealth

Job Snapshot
Location: Cincinnati, OH 45203
Employee Type: Full-Time
Industry: Healthcare - Health Services, Social Services
Manages Others: No
Job Type: Sales, Professional Services, Health Care
Education: 4 Year Degree
Experience: 3 to 5 years
Post Date: 3/3/2011
Starr Commonwealth – Hannah Neil Center, a nationally acclaimed service provider for troubled children and families, is seeking a fundraising professional to serve as Development Officer for Ohio.

This position will be based in Columbus and will report directly to the VP for Development. Responsibilities include research, cultivation and solicitation of new and existing donors throughout Ohio and surrounding states.


* Bachelor's degree.
* 3-5 years fundraising experience or equivalent.  
* Strong leadership skills, public speaking skills and relationship skills.
* Excellent writing skills required.
* Basic knowledge of tax aspects of charitable giving.
* Proficient in Microsoft Office applications.
Excellent benefit package available.

Please send cover letter and resume to:  [Click Here to Email Your Resumé]
Attn: O. D. Position
13725 Starr Commonwealth Road
Albion, MI  49224
Equal Opportunity Employer
--- End quote ---
Personally, I would say "troubling," but that may just be my bias re. anything to do with PPC.

Starr Commonwealth has been around since 1913, but underwent a bit of a sea change, so to speak, in the 1970s or 80s (not sure of the exact date), at which time Larry Brendtro got involved.

Harry Vorrath and Larry Brendtro are co-authors of Positive Peer Culture (1974, 1985), which was a re-work and update of Lloyd McCorkle's peer-based group methodology called Guided Group Interaction (originally developed in the early/mid 1940s for use with imprisoned WW II servicemen in Fort Knox, KY; later adapted for use with delinquent boys at the Highfields Residential Treatment Center in 1950).

William Glasser's Reality Therapy is also considered by some to be an offshoot of GGI.

Larry Brendtro is still involved with Starr Commonwealth via their Circle of Courage Institute in South Dakota.

Starr Commonwealth also runs the Montcalm Schools.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

We have datasheets for the Montcalm Schools but it seems that we need to expand this area.

Thanks for checking this out, both of you. Keep me posted on what ye dig up  or happen upon, please.
warm regards,


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