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Dead ends...


I'm frustrated tonight.

I found out recently that the lawyer who had the pictures of the bruises I got at Three Springs passed away. I made an inquiry to the Alabama Bar Association to see who got his case files. I was hoping to get my hands on them - not to do anything legally, the statute of limitations is up, but I felt awkward about something so personal being out there in the ether. Would have been nice to put them in my filebox of crazy, or at least destroy them myself. Or, in my fantasies, put it on the internet: "Here's what your kids can expect to get out of their stay at Three Springs."

I haven't heard back from them, so who knows where they are.


I wish I'd known to keep everything. Not to trust my parents or even my mom's lawyer to have the only copy of things. But, hell. I was a kid, and there was no Fornits.


Hedge, I’m so sorry to hear about the death of your attorney and the subsequent loss of the records including photos of the bruises (from your mistreatment at Three Springs). BTW, it’s completely blowing my mind quite a bit that “box of crazy” has caught on as a term here (Though I can totally see how it’s also apt with reference to program materials etc.), so some of this is redundant to a re-read of the content you’ve posted
•   I’m not sure how long ago your case was or if your state has any regulation regarding the maintenance of legal records. You could check with the State bar association to see what these might be.  
•   If this was a thriving practice (even without partners) you could see if there is any way to see who has taken over representation of any active cases and if they can be of assistance to you in locating the records.
•   The only other thing I can think of off hand is that if these images were documented in a medical setting and the records were then sent to your attorney on discovery (or otherwise) it may be possible that the original medical records (including photos) were retained by or returned to the medical facility.

If he was a solo practitioner, he might have had his own personalized type of "filing system." In that case, I'd also contact his widow or next of kin ASAP, especially if he worked out of his home, before they decide that no one's interested in those materials anymore.

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