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Dr. Phil III


Once again Turn-about Ranch seems to get a new "resident".

First the father denies responsibility
The he marries a woman who didn't want the daughter to live at their place
Finally the mother is blamed for the whole story.

The result?

Off with the daughter to Turn-about Ranch so the adults can solve their own problems.

See: The Troubled with Madisen

It never stops.


--- Quote from: "Oscar" ---It never stops.
--- End quote ---
Another program that is a real fan of Dr. Phil is Darckenu Israel. The last I checked, their Facebook page is inundated with heartwarming YouTube clips featuring Dr. Phil's pearls of wisdom.

Perhaps they hope that the revenue stream started by Dr. Phil will never stop, and may even, eventually, spill over to their neck of the woods. Or, perchance, that Darckenu Israel might be featured in some future episode? :D

Your programs and posts are worthy. I seldom miss any one. Thanks for the post. It was worthy reading. It helped me in a great deed.


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