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PLEASE HELP!!! Should I send my son to Hyde???

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This is my first post to Fornits.  Last week my son's therapist suggested that I send him away to one of the Hyde boarding schools beginning in September of this year because he has ADD and sometimes misbehaves.  I mentioned the therapist's  suggestion to a friend from Connecticut where one of the campuses is located and she seemed very concerned that I would even consider sending my child to Hyde.  According to my friend, the students are sometimes treated ruthlessly and the administration leaves a lot to be desired.  When I told my son's therapist what my friend had said, he responded that she must be out of her mind and that Hyde would be perfect for my son.  My friend is not out of her mind.  Still, I know no one who has sent their child to Hyde and I only have one friend (the one who lives in Connecticut) who has ever heard of the school.  I'm afraid that if I don't apply to Hyde now it will be to late but I absolutely do not want to send my son to a school that is as doctrinaire as my friend describes Hyde as being.  

Does anyone here know anything about Hyde?



No. And dump your therapist.  

I know the brochures and the website look good, but so do the ads for smoking.  The analogy is very similar.

If you want your son to be completely demoralized and have his self respect brutally ripped from him, then yes, by all means, send him away.  Those people do not care about him, they only care about your money.  They can ruthlessly bully and intimidate him into conformity for you, but that will cause psychological damage which will follow him throughout his life.  My mother did it to me, you do not want to do that to your son.  There is a whole forum full of Hyde School threads here, here is one of them;  

I’m really glad you’ve followed up on the concerns voiced by your friend about Hyde School, and while definitely I agree with their assessment of Hyde School program as being doctrinaire; I’ll leave it to others more informed on the details to elaborate on.

I will offer you another consideration (which happens to also be both an indicator and result of the authorities of this particular closed environment self serving duplicity at the expense of their students) by pointing out that they seem to have had quite a lot of troubling reports ranging from inappropriate sexual contact to rape perpetrated by staff. Still more troubling than the nature and number of these accounts is the way that the Hyde School Administrators has dealt with this over the years.

See this thread for but one recent example of discussion on the topic posted by Hydemom:
 Sexual assaults and inappropriate behavior by Hyde Staff

Thanks so much to everyone who has replied.

I showed this forum to my husband who is very pro-Hyde based upon the therapist's recommendation.  My husband feels that because most of the threads are a few years old that Hyde must have changed and that the people who abused the students are probably gone.  

Does anyone know whether Hyde is still as compromised as it was a few years ago or has it changed course and become a humanistic, welcoming and yet academically rigorous place?  If it has not changed appreciably, I can probably dissuade my husband from pursuing it further.

Thanks so much.



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