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are daytop and elan one and the same?


I am confused...thought this was the daytop forum?   Maybe someone can unconfuse me.

Paul St. John:
(Looks around)

(checks again)

Yep!  This is the Daytop Forum.  :smile:

To answer your question.. No .. they are not one and the same, but the programs, have been VERY similar all throughout the time of their existences.

My understanding is that- Elan was an attempt by Joe Ricci to create a kinder, gentler Daytop, where people could recieve all the good effects of "Daytop", but without members living in fear, and such, as he rememberred to be charactersitic of the Daytop program.

My other understanding is that Joe Ricci failed miserably in his attempt, and created a program that was no better, if not worse then the original program, Daytop, that he attempted to re-create, but as humanistic version.

Your counfusion..

Are you confused that some people from the Elan board post here?

I think that's pretty cool, myself..

Ol Paul can get lonely in here..LOL  .. just kidding

But I guess it is the similarities.. that and that I have met through the I-net many of the people who went to Elan.. Hell, I even got a yahoogroup based on Elan..( life is certainly a trip)

One way or another, as Ginger always says, we are all pretty much on the same team here, and similar experiences,  ( i hate to sound like ken), that kinda do make us unique in a way.. We share something in our past, that most do not.  

In the outside world, I suppose this experience can be an isolating factpr to many.. In here, there is no reason, why anyone would feel all that isolated in their experience.  Many of us, most likley share some of the same paradigms, and can "relate" with one another.

I've noticed a decent amount of cross-mixing here.. Froderic, now often posts to the "Elan Board"   many people post to a lof the general sections, and Nazi got a shitload of people down to "vision quest" to hear his story, and he done it all accidentally, simply with the username he choses to use.. Such is the way of life and people.. Who knows what will be?

If you are confused about my references to the
"skakel case"..

Well, it s just thought, in my experiences of checking out things on the "Elan school", I became aware of what a big deal it was that Ricci may have tried to deal with Skakel's murder confession, or even mere appearance of guilt, as an internal matter..

Well, I wasn t there, but I was in Daytop, and in Daytop that was the way things went for sure, and everybody knew it.. It was no secret.

Ya see what I mean?

It doesnt matter what program it is.  If it pissed the hell out of general society, the media, and the judicail system in Elan, well then why should it be any different in Daytop.

In other words,, all that went on with skakl case, as far as Ricci and Elan, set precedent in my mind, and gave me something solid and tangible to compare my Daytop experince too.

Again, I don t know how this compares to other programs, but just an interesting fact.  Known murderers are actually SENT to Daytop.  This is true.. It's been in the paper.. It's been mentionned on TV.

Okay.. what else could you be confused about?

Maybe you are confused about Dee's post to Marty, in this section.  Hell, it;s titally cool with me, but I was actually a lil' confused about that too.. Maybe, she was reading in this forum, and something she read got her all set off, and she didn t wanna wait, to leave the forum, and just posted there..

I don t really know.. i don t really care either.
I mean hell.. Who cares?  It's a very similar scene.

Paul St. JOhn


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