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Some just went too easy...


Paul St. John:
It's amazing to me how easy people will break some times, when against the majority, and take on personalities that wer enot thier own.. Some took awhile, but some were broke in a single day, or less..

I always tried to grab each new member as they came in, and feed them with reinforcements before the place broke them.

I'd do it again, so fuck you, Daytop!


--- Quote ---On 2003-11-23 05:29:00, artman11111 wrote:

"the hardest time for a "resident" at Elan was the first 30 days....

They fucked with you constantly to solicit a response,then when they got one you were dealt with harshly...Beaten.GM.Dishes for days ect

Datyop, Huntington Village, New York- 1994..

The first three days were not nearly that bad.  and yet they were still quite disorienting.  I am picturing what you wrote, and I can only imagine, how disorienting that experience must have been.

Congrats to you, Artman, on your apparent sanity!

Its all comin to an end shortly

State of New York... Big client to Elan ...

Yes.. I am aware of this.  Students from New York are still sent to Elan, and the State of new York pays for the stay in some cases, in spite of the fact that it is no longer, included in the Act, that first gave reason to this.

Dept of Education needs the same type of letters and fonecalls similar to dept of ed in Me.They pay Elan alot of money ....

I agree with you entirely.. It is hard for me to understand how their reputation is still so good with the administators and such in NY state.
Is it just because they put out a CD-Rom?
Is it possible that all the publicity Elan got, starting with the Skakle case, only got them more publicity, and more known.

Maybe, it is that lat resort mentality?

Thats where my focus is gonna be.I will do my homework and find the right people to talk to ... I post this now cuz Elan is surely to beat me to the fonecall making the state of NY aware of whats going on .... Whether they fill em in on their bullshit or not they will be imformed of whats really going on

Best of luck, Art.  YOu were once in the employment of Elan too, for a short time, and I am thinking that that may add to your credibility.

Either way.. Kudos to you

and i suggest some solidarity amongst us...

I personall, believe that I have witnessed the sokidarity increasing daily.

Elan is dying .....The power of the many will out weigh the power of corporate Elan and all their ill gotten gains"

I agree. They are dying.  Of course, the final battle may reside inside, where it take the power of one.

A pleasure Art,
Paul St. JOhn

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