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This is CEDU - This is Rocky Mountain Academy or Boulder Creek Academy or Northwest Academy all of them CEDU schools This is exactly how they operate the business.. The Celeb parents are Rosanne Barr,   Barbara Walters, ____________ _____________ per previous reports in the Spokesman Review newspaper - Close By in spokane Washington etc. The Location is North Idaho - Bonners Ferry Idaho to be exact. Ask the Educational Consultant who was in enrollment at CEDU a long time ago Lon Woodberry at Struggling He still refers parents to them.
Sorry to blow the secret but this is CEDU exactly.

See - Spokesman Review newspaper articles, the "we've been there" site and "Boarding School Truth"    

August 11, 2000

Why I liberated my daughter from a behavior-modification
boarding school
by Patricia Wolff

In the following account, "Friendship Glen School" has been substituted for the
school's true name, and other minor word changes were made in order to conceal
identities. Otherwise, the following is unchanged from Patricia Wolff's original
letter of July 24, 2000 to PTAVE (Project NoSpank). Ms. Wolff can be contacted by
writing to, a web site that exposes the whole
racket of teen boarding schools and boot camps and also read the
eye-opening book An American Gulag: Secret P.O.W. Camps for Teens by
Alexia Parks. I learned that facilities like Friendship Glen School and
others even more repressive systematically violate the human and legal
rights of thousands of children in America every year. Deaths in these
facilities are not uncommon.

I also read the policy statement of the Association of Child and Adolescent
Psychiatric Nurses (ACAPN) regarding the rights of children in treatment
facilities and behavior modification boarding schools, and was shocked to
see that Friendship Glen School was in flagrant violation of nearly every
recommended standard! Even convicted murderers in federal prisons have
more rights than do the children at behavior-modification boarding schools
and boot camps.

I know in my heart that I did the right thing when I pulled my daughter out of
Friendship Glen, even though it was against my ex-husband's wishes. I also
know that I must now face his wrath and a court battle. What I don't know is
where I will get the money to pay legal fees and court costs. I need financial
help and I also need the support of former school inmates and employee
whistle-blowers to provide first-hand testimony about what really goes on

State agencies and organizations like Human Rights Watch, Amnesty
International, and the ACLU need to investigate these facilities and start
pushing to protect the legal and human rights of the children who are
trapped inside.

My daughter can survive teenhood without repressive boarding schools and
boot camps. She is a good kid - intelligent, creative, compassionate, and
full of life. She is not a criminal and neither are any of the other kids
incarcerated at Friendship Glen School. They did not fail us. We as parents,
and as a society, have failed our children.


Please forward this page to friends, colleagues and others who care about the
rights of children.


This latter has touched me since I first saw it.
I wish somebody in Idaho did care. But I guess I'm the only one


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