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"What the fuck is that? Somebody's killing somebody or some


Paul St. John:
I remember it was like my second day, there, and I'm sitting in this group, and all of a sudden, I hear this screamiing like I have never heard in my life, and look around like, " Holy Shit!" LMAO!

.. and I'm waiting for someone to get up, and call the cops ya know, but the group just went on like nothing happenned.

I was just coming off of a lot of drugs at the time, and I'm sitting there like, " Am I tripping out or something?"

Then all of a sudden, I see like a guy how I knew as a coordinator go running into this room, going, " Stop!  The guy from 'Donahue' is here! "

It's right about then that I said, " What the fuck have I got myself into?" LOL

Paul St. John


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