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McAuley Institute, Prozac and Daytop Village

When Will was at McAuley Institute, he was diagnosed with major depression and poly-substance abuse.  His treating psychiatrist, Dr. Moix, prescribed Prozac.  He was aware of Will's suicidal ideation.  At the time, I was not aware of the link between Prozac and suicide.  But I did ask Dr. Moix not to put him on the Prozac.  Will always was a great actor.  He could make you believe he was happy and everything was OK, even if it wasn't.  While he was at McAuley, I saw that his feelings of anger were starting to surface.  I told this to Dr. Moix and said that I thought Will needed to FEEL his feelings for a change, instead of covering them up.  Well, of course, it didn't matter what I thought at all and they started Will on Prozac.

An MFT intern I spoke with said that Prozac should NEVER be given to anyone who is already expressing suicidal thoughts and certainly not without blood chemistry tests.  I don't know if they ran blood chemistry tests on him at McAuley Institute.  I have copies of Will's records from McAuley, but to date, I have been unable to read them.  Reading the autopsy report and the records at Daytop was more than enough for me.  And by the way, typically, the toxicology section of the autopsy report was WRONG (big surprise!)  They tested Will for Zoloft instead of Prozac.  I had to call the coroner who performed the autopsy and tell her this information.  She was very apologetic and said she would re-test immediately and send me the amended report, which she did do.  There was indeed Prozac in Will's system, but nothing else:  no alcohol or drugs of any kind.

Will was on Prozac for just about two months.  I requested his treating psychiatrist at Daytop, Dr. Mordecai, to take Will off the Prozac; his response  was to double Will's dosage.  I had NO rights as a parent, apparently.  They only wanted money from me; otherwise they didn't want to hear from me.  

After Will's death, I found out from his "counselor" Carmen Omania, that he was mutilating himself (one of the nasty side effects of Prozac) by gouging himself with paper clips and biting himself.  His best friend Jake, who was the one who found his body, told me that on the 19th of June, when Will ran away, they spent the day together.  He said Will was cutting himself with a razor blade and licking his blood.  He told Jake he should try it, it tasted good.  Ohmigod - what a horror!  I feel Prozac pushed Will over the edge.  I am including a link here for an online Prozac Survivors Support Group.

More about Carmen Omania Goodin (she just got married):  The one attorney who helped me had an investigator track Carmen down.  She wanted me to sign a release before she would talk to this investigator.  So I signed it, and when the investigator contacted her again, she then TOTALLY DENIED telling me the things she told me!  I believe she has chosen evil over good.  I believe Mark Tintrup, Director of Daytop Village, told her not to talk about Will - maybe even threatened her somehow.  She had a choice between telling the truth and telling a lie and she chose the lie.  She did a bad thing and it's gonna get her some bad karma.  But just to help it along, I have filed a formal complaint against her with the Board of Behavioral Sciences, the licensing agency for marriage and family therapists and interns.  I hope she never gets licensed in this field.  My son told her he was going to run away and kill himself and he DID!  And she did NOTHING!  May you burn in hell Carmen.

San Mateo County and Daytop Village failed to protect my son, they failed to keep him alive.  McAuley Institute released him back to Juvenile Hall, even though they knew he was suicidal and they knew Daytop was not a secure facility.  Apparently all the experts didn't take Will's threats seriously - they didn't think he would follow through with his plans to commit suicide.

And here I am, almost a year later, and my whole life is overshadowed by Will's death.  Apparently, I am just supposed to "shake it off".

I am wondering if she is someone that I used to know.  She would be around 33-34 now, about 5' 2" and filipino/german mixed.

Does that describe her?

I think you are an ADHD Offspring under Education you have SEIZURES if you are on PROLOXIN.




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