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Dee Verry:
My god,this is awful This has to be taken and addressed beyond that governor,what is going on with these sick places?How are they getting away with it?This is the year 2003 :???:

Please help, Please help, Please help
Please help them - the kids
The Director of Boulder Creek Academy is LaTeresa - She has no college - she drove for health and welfere and claims she was a worker for them - You have to have a degree and a social work license - she has neither - never did.  - Rocky Mountain was the one that was sued for racketeering and child abuse. Northwest Academy - had the Riot. A kid was crippled. The current Director is Lori - No College Degree . No training in human development, psychology or human services - no wonder
THE KIDS - their phone calls are monitored - staff hangs up if they say what it is really like there - abuse in dorms etc. The Kids. They are locked up, put on display, interrogated and staff with high school diplomas do bio-energetics, gestalt and extreme mental games are used to break their spirit. When they break the psychiatrist drugs them with antipsychotics so they can remain there under the strain. I worked there. CEDU is not a mental health or treatment facility. It is a religion. It is a CULT. -- PLEASE HELP THEM. THE KIDS

Please contact interested journalists and tell them your story. I think that's the best way to combat this. As you read up on the topic, just get the contact info for journalists and news media (papers, broadcasters, etc.) who have done related stories and tell them there's a story there for them.

All we ask is to be let alone.
-- Jefferson Davis (1808-1889): First Message to the Confederate Congress, March,1861.

--- End quote ---

Thank You,
 Indeed, wealthy adults can use an abundance of money to make prisoners out of ther children, to brainwash them, to abandon them.
These kids need as much attantion or more help than the disatvantaged - money can buy child abuse and silence about it in the same transaction at CEDU. It can also pay off government - without child abuse and institutions that abuse they would not have a job.


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