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Yea, I know. It's been ages since I've posted. But for some reason tonight I need to vent. Quite frankly I'm sick of hearing about WWASPS. Is it that they are the worst out there or is it that they are so huge that they have so many disgruntled "grads"? What the fuck about the rest of the kids locked up in these fucking "boarding schools"? Are these schools any more acceptable because they cost more than wwasps? Do they hide their abuse better behind fancy campuses in idealic settings. Sure, the kids arent starving. They arent covered in bug bites and god knows what else as witnessed by wwasps students. No, the kids in these overlooked facilities have every physical need met. But what about the psychological anguish they must endure on a daily basis? The constant yelling, the physical punishment, the forced labor, living in fear, forgetting what it is to trust. I've been out for over ten years and still struggle. I have nights like this when the anger becomes overwhelming. Tonight my anger is for "the forgotten".

Yes, each and every child who spent time in one of these boarding schools from hell needs to be heard about how they think and feel about what happened to them.  Thanks for speaking out and I hope you will continue to share your thoughts and feeling to help broaden awareness about issues that have impacted the lives of thousands of non WWASP kids, many of whom are now adults raising kids of their own.


I sometimes get tired of hearing about how Straight's gone and we should all just get over it. Trouble is, it's not gone. There are several spin off programs that I know of and likey a few that I don't. That's what WWASP is to CEDU. It's a spin off program stared by a CEDU grad and, I do believe, former staffer.

I think one reason they're getting so much attention is because of the overseas thing and maybe because they're a little more inclined to physically roughing the kids up than some other programs. That's easier to describe than brainwashing because most people don't believe in brainwashing and think that psyche abuse complaints are about like yuppie flue.

But the major reason is that they're so damned big. There are just more victims to start with so it's easier for journalists to find one willing to talk about recent experience.

Now that the media has hit as it has, it's starting to snowball. Why not write up something about CEDU and how it's similar to WWASP? I usualy write first and pick targets later. But you might come up with anything from just a really good vent for a forum to a letter suitable to your or CEDU's local rep to an opinion piece in your or CEDU's local paper.

Oh, and welcome  :wave: Good to hear from you.
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Dee Verry:
I hear you loud and clear.The psychological angusish we all endured was very damaging to us all. The many different programs we all went through.Anger,humiliation,and frustations, ring true for me.I beleive we have moved on. We all have lifes we also have questions and Issues. So what! Think about what you went through we know many human beings are still enduring.   Do I get mad?you bet can't sleep sometimes and not because I haven't moved on,its because the sickness of these programs are still operating and getting funds!That's another Issue!Adult's and children that need or want help,should be treated like a human being.What is the concept of coming out sick on a person?Please someone tell me.I am learning fast that this is huge in places I never imagined. well, peace to you all.You are not forgotten.

This may not come as any comfort to CEDU students, but I hope it helps.

As a therapist at Boulder Creek Academy, I was in constant anguish about how the kids were treated. I tried so hard to make management and staff realize that they were doing wrong, but the mormons kept fighting my efforts.

I finally left in disgrase, anxiety ridden with panic attacks. When I took time off to recover, they fired me. They sent a lawyer from Austin after me for trying to ethically terminate therapy services with my children. Kids, I would never abandon you.

The kids and parents protested to no avail - Now they have ridden the place of several other therapists and staff who were against the cultish forced isolation and illegal time-outs that last weeks when (state code allows only 1 hour at a time).

My wife worked for them. They turned her into a cold cult sleepwalker. My marriage was ruined by the backlash on her of the incestious environment, the fake love, the damage the workshops did to her - even my child was almost driven to kill himself.

One of the best staff they had was set up to be fired and now is considering suicide. I'm trying to help.  

Meanwhile Child Protection, Idaho Residential Facilities Licensing, The, Bonner County prosecuter, the state Attorney General and Govenor Kempthorpe ignore complaints - choosing instead to favor a friendly business environment for Cult Boarding Schools like CEDU - Brown Schools and others.

More schools go up every year, licenses are handed out to anyone. They all have high school graduates doing Gestalt Therapy and Bio-Energetics - much Like Dr Phil's lambasting of the innocent, they show no humanity; they judge indiscriminately and without mercy.


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