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Dr Gerald Davidson Was Jennifer's uncle?

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Dee Verry:
That is messed up!Part owner with Joe. Marty and Jeff were you still high? Really I wonder?What was her learning experence for? making her a mummy in front of the house,she could not move her arms,legs nothing.Then you made 120 kids or so run through the woods acting like wild Indains
throwing her off the dock pretending you would drown her .was so theroputic and ,that's not the end of her GM we all went back up to the house and she got hours more of your General meeting! I am going to keep repeating all her GM's every day until the right person reads and, it will happen Ken. unlike what you think people do care out here and the sick shit you all pulled will be told that't all I ever wanted not money, ass.Lets not forget all the goofing you did on penises and size.?yeah your healthy men in a pigs ass.

Matt C. Hoffman:
Yeah Diane

Jennifer was related to that quack .Since we are speaking of dr. Davidson he was in charge of the therapy and you would think that that would involve talking with the residents .I mean afterall he was a psychiatrist and isn't that part of the job to talk to people .

I met davidson once during my entire almost 2 year stay .And no other shrink could be found on the site .

Jennifer Stamler  they tortured that poor girl .She was a talented person, she played the guitar and had a very nice voice .It is my opinion that they drove her crazy . After pushing her over the edge ,elan broke another of the three cardnal rules .No drugs of any kind .elan medicated this poor woman .

I would like to know how she is doing ,anyone know? .Yeah Diane I remember Jennifer and she was brutally tortured by elan and its henchmen .She was a nice person caught up in a very unfortunate situation called elan .

Dee Verry:
It does not,not then and not now .How sad and I honestly wonder how they can get away with it all.However, they do and I give here. I will no longer post it get's me no where and elan will always be elan and they smile, you were right ken they will always win!I don't care anymore. I wanted to be apart of somthing good.I do not want to be part of sickness and childish posting.I wasn't sick when I went there and I am not sick now.I never was at elan with weard people and I guess it did change.we were of simple problems and issues.not sick shit players all the crazy shit I read.If you are reading I will not be part of your play,I will not be part of any of this .take care all. :wave:

That's not true. You will be here again ranting and raving the next time you get drunk.



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