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Re: PA Childcare - Kash for KKKids

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New york institute of finance. Wonder what year.

Well good luck with that.

I'll kick your arse:

--- Quote ---No - I've already told you why I'm here - to alert any new comer
--- End quote ---


Watch out question mark guy, you may get started over if you don't mind your pee and poo

Seems like you hold on tight to those special seed metaphors

Carry on

Can anyone spare some copy pasta? Can't find a way to do it on my phone.

Hi I did not start the FB Group to shut down Fornits. I do not encourage or support condemning Fornits by any means. It is an alternative to the contentiousness of these boards but by no means is it meant to replace this. I am not one of those who thinks the Seed was the best thing that ever happened to me. I also do not think it is the worst but it did damage me. I do my best for the experience to be a positive one. The program taught all of us how to attack and demean each other and I can do that as well as anyone can. I do not however believe it to be the the BEST I can do and I have seen that side of me do more harm than good. I formed the Group in FB for others who are or have awakened to their experience and need someone who can understand what they have been through. Sometimes it is great just knowing others who understand you more then anyone else because of our shared experiences.

This Board is a great repository of information for those seeking some answers.


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