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--- Quote from: "dragonfly" ---Do you think Gregory Zappala could be related to the Co-Founder of Straight, Joeseph Zappala?

This story was covered in a Documentary by Michael Moore, maybe it was The Awful Truth....
--- End quote ---
This possible connection was also brought up by Mr. Smith in the PA Cash for Kids Scandal thread back in February of 2009. At the time, Ginger brought up yet another Zappala, Allegheny DA Stephen Zappala, Jr., who she suspects of being possibly related to Joseph Zappala.

I subsequently researched it a bit and, although it appears that Gregory and Stephen Zappala are probably related, I too was unable to establish an unequivocal connection to Joseph Zappala.

See also the following thread for blow by blow news coverage of the shit hitting the fan back then:

* Jailing Kids For Cash


Dont get me started on the fed,or the current sec of the treasury.Or that private banks actually create money or the......ack im gonna stroke out...... :flame:


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