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Teen Challenge Survivors Can Make Victim Statements in Court

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Three very brave survivors of Teen Challenge provided me with their oral and written impact statements.  Thank you for your courage in coming forward at this important time.  We were successful in getting our plea for justice in front of the judge for her review.  In an effort to protect survivor's identities - individual victim statements will not be in the official court record.  But the strength of their testimonies did give me the support I needed to put forward the general victim/survivor impact statement.   I believe that it was taken seriously by the judge.  

http://workplacecredibleactivist.wordpr ... tatements/

Scott Bloch had already plead guilty to criminal contempt of the US Congress.  His act of erasing the digital files on his own government office computer and also erasing files on the computers of his staff, I believe, shows a clear effort to subvert the FBI and the US Congressional investigation.  

So I joined other whistleblowers in requesting Attorney General Eric Holder make sure that Scott Bloch did face appropriate justice for his actions in retaliating against whistleblowers and for not protecting children by being more careful in which programs he gave federal Faith-based and Community Initiative money. ... php?page=1

I am happy to tell you that Scott Bloch has been sentenced to jail time - he is appealing the sentencing and had wanted to serve no jail time at all.  
But the Judge in her own deliberations decided that 1 month mandatory jail time is appropriate.  

I hope that I have properly and effectively lobbied for all of you.  I thank you for your trust and your support, it has meant a lot to me.  I am glad that I could serve in a capacity for your human rights in this important case that was in front of the US Federal District Court in Washington DC.  

Scott Bloch’s Plea Agreement:

Judge denies Scott Bloch’s right to appeal sentencing verdict 3-29-11 ... php?page=1

Judges order is stayed pending appeal in Scott Bloch case March 10, 2011

Bloch’s DOJ press release 4-27-10 ... -27-10.pdf

Court Denies Scott Bloch & DOJ Collusive Attempt To Withdraw Plea ... draw-plea/

Ex-Bush Official Scott Bloch Will Stay Out of Jail Pending Appeal April 7, 2011

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Well, I've been reading through some of these Discussion Boards, and thought that my input might carry some weight.  Since I have actually been enrolled in Teen Challenge, and successfully completely both phases of the program, unlike some other people who are posting on here...

When I went into Teen Challenge, I was court ordered because I had been arrested three times in just under a year.  All of the arrest were drug-related offenses.  To make a long story short, I was raised in a church, and never even liked going to church when I was invited.  But by the time I was arrested for the third time, I was completely addicted to drugs & alcohol, and was desperate to get myself clean, so I thought I'd try Teen Challenge.

The program had a very strict curriculum, and I wanted to leave the program several times (Once you are in the program, you are free to leave whenever you choose, but you cannot come back for a certain amount of time once you do).  If I wasn't court-ordered to finish Teen Challenge, I probably would have left to be honest.  But I stuck it out, and did my best to follow all of the rules that were enforced.  The consequences for breaking the rules vary, but you normally will have to do extra chores, and memorize more scriptures out of the Bible.

The program is basically: very structured, work responsibilities, Bible classes, required church attendence, scripture memorization, etc.  It was EXACTLY what I needed!  I'm not going to claim to be an expert on cults, but I believe most cults brainwash you to believe that someone or something in the confines of that cult should be worshipped.  Teen Challenge is not like that at all.  You are required to attend church services, but that's about it.  They don't strong-arm anyone to believe anything, they simply take an approach like most parents should when raising their children, "You're living under my roof, you will follow my rules.  If you don't follow my rules, you will have to pay consequences.  If you don't like the consequences, you are free to leave at any time."  It's that simple!

Anyway, as I stuck with the program, I tried to give this "Christianity" thing a serious try, and started praying and reading my bible daily.  Before I knew it, God had healed my body and my mind.  I was a new person by the time I left that program.  I never "worshipped" or "served" Teen Challenge while I was in the program, I was encouraged and learned how to "worhsip" and "serve" God.  That's it.

If you're still reading this, I have long been removed from Teen Challenge.  I am no longer affiliated with the program in any way.  But because of that "Cult," I have now been sober for 6 years, and have a beautiful wife and two beautiful daughters.  I'm a pretty decent husband, father, and man.   I attend church every Sunday, and pay my taxes.  I have a great job working for the US Army.  Basically, I'm now a normal person, and my family - who couldn't trust me as far as they could throw me when I was addicted to drugs - loves me more than ever before.  Teen Challenge did all of that for me.  If that's what a "cult" is, then I encouraged anyone with a life-controlling addiction to find the nearest cult, and get involved as soon as possible!  God Bless!


Hmmm... Now that I think about it, I WAS brainwashed!  

My brain used to think about crack, weed, blunts, bongs, sex, and 40 oz's!  

Now my brain thinks about scripture!

Thank you for raising my "awareness" of this "brainwashing!"



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