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Teen Challenge Survivors Can Make Victim Statements in Court

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You could leave? I thought you were court ordered.

Yeah, I was court ordered.  That's how prideful I was.  I was willing to take my chances at going to jail instead of finishing Teen Challenge.  It also shows you how hard that program is to complete.  That program is no joke!  That's why the success rates are so high for people who stick it out and actually finish the program.

It works like any other court order.  If I did not live up to my end of the judge's agreement with me, he would have issued a bench warrant for my arrest.

All the court ordered kids in the seed and many other programs were not allowed to leave,even if they wanted to go to jail instead. I know, I was one of them. I DID escape,and I DID go to jail. I don't regret it for one minute.At least in jail they fed us.




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