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Teen Challenge Survivors Can Make Victim Statements in Court

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--- Quote from: "TC_Saved_Me" ---Hmmm... Now that I think about it, I WAS brainwashed!  

My brain used to think about crack, weed, blunts, bongs, sex, and 40 oz's!  

Now my brain thinks about scripture!

Thank you for raising my "awareness" of this "brainwashing!"
--- End quote ---
Is this the kind of self-image that Teen Challenge encourages you to harbor?


Teen Challenge does not "teach" its students to "harbor" anything.  The staff there encourage the students to study the Bible, and to develop their own interpretation of the Holy Scriptures through prayer.

I took offense when being accused of being "brainwashed," so I considered some scripture, and it actually says in Romans 12: 2, "Do not conform any longer to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind."

So, after considering my accusers comments about being "brainwashed," I decided that his/ her accusation actually does line up with what the Bible teaches.  So, I HAVE in fact been brainwashed!

And, YES, that is the kind of self image that I have: confident in my salvation, and in my sobriety through faith in God.  

Do you know someone who has overcome addiction?  Whether through faith in God or through some other means?  If so, wouldn't you expect them to be proud of their sobriety?  I am.  

I have been clean since June 16, 2006.  And I am proud of that.


Anyone who leaves that program prematurely, whether they get kicked out or leave on their own accord, considers themself a "victim."  "After a month in that program, I had my bags packed, and almost walked out the doors.  I consider all the discipline that I had to endure to be "abuse."  But it wasn't..

That's why I thought it was imperative for a graduate to log into this site, and share my testimony.


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