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Hey! Who's the moderator 'round here?


Paul St. John:

I'm the moderator around here. And let me tell you, I care very deeply about each and every one of you. If someone says anything to offend you, I will be there to tell them what to say. I will control the dialog and content and make sure all postings to this forum meet with accepted standards of conduct. I know everything you are feeling and thinking and, aside from yourself, only I know what you should do. If you fuck up and get into your shit, I'll be there to call you down on it.

Remeber, Nobody's always watching!

Always try to do things in chronological order; it's less confusing that way.
--- End quote ---

Good! I'm glad there is a moderator. Look at the posts by Nazi under "Vision Quest." He is using racist language. Can you delete those posts or something? This isn't the place for that kind of crap!
Thanks, dude!


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