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--- Quote from: "Guest" ---Two times now - someone's tried to hack into my computer when I'm on the fornit site. But allegedly, both times it's been blocked by my computer program. Tell me, how would a person do that when I don't log onto the site? Is that random or coincidence that it has happened twice on the same site? Just wondering.
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--- Quote from: "telya" ---I recommend to everyone who wishes to enter this incredible site about Meditation, philosophy, enlightenment and wisdom.
This site has given me so much, I hope it will give you too
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--- Quote from: "BuzzKill" ---//Why is it that you all can't have a civil, CRITICAL THOUGHT discussion? CRITICAL THOUGHT being the operative words here.//

Anon atheist, I'm sorry if I seemed un-civil. It wasn't my intent.
Critical thought?
I think I can handle it well enough.
I would say, you seem to be the one upset by it; at least when it is not in agreement with your thoughts.

you explain:  The reason for the quotes was to ask if they believed also that some of our founding fathers and some very prominent scientists were schizo as well.

OK, fair enough. And I told you what I thought about the Founding Fathers. Isn't that also fair enough?

You write: We 'atheists' were responding to some of the holier-than-thou posts that have been written here.

Define "here." Do you mean the forums in general; or just Charlie Brown's thread on Christmas?
I feel like you are upset and offended by ALL Christian thought, anywhere. Am I wrong?
I feel like you, and maybe other anons (who can tell?) Were annoyed by the subject and felt compelled to jump in with thoughts and quotes you felt would put the Christian's in their place. Their place being (you seem to think) among the ignorant, unthinking, dull minded masses.  And then, you seem to want to take offence at my defending my faith with an explanation of why I hold to it. How was anything in that un-civil?

This *is* the Open forum - where we may talk about whatever. So, no reason for you to be so bent out of shape, that the Christians are having a discussion on the subject of Christmas and the Bible.

Personally, I try not to bring the subject up on the other forums Ginger has; because I know it isn't welcome. I have on occasion; when some one else brought up the subject; explained some Christian ideas and theology on the other forums.
But I don't think you can find an occasion where I was less than civil in such cases.

I think this is also you:
 I'm just asking for you accept that I might understand all of what you're saying and still disagree with it. Can you do that?

Sure. I think I was very clear on that point.
"its fine if you don't believe. Fine with me, I mean. I don't want to argue with you about it."
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--- Quote from: "Botched Programming" ---Sort of a touchy subject to bring up, but my last host home before I left Straight one of the host family members touched me inappropiately while I was on a 5th phase day off. I told the host parents about it and also reported it to staff.. And the only thing that happened was staff told the host family that that family member could not be there while phasers were there.

Should they not have contacted the appropriate authorities ???
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--- Quote from: "Whoooter" ---
--- Quote from: "Whooter Maximum" ---Whooter Maximum fuck off!  :fuckoff:
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