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I have come into possession of parent-only WWASP documents.


I have removed all personally identifying data concerning parent and student. If somehow I missed something for the love of God please remove it--but I've read it five times now just to make sure.

I have tried to post this to the correct sub-forum, I really don't know where this should go, but given that the emails scream of suggestion planting, I think this is a good place for it.

I also have a PDF of a seminar overview. Anyway... anyone going to be in Nevada? If so I recommend you start putting together some cardboard and sharpies! I'm 800 miles away and broke as can be, so I doubt I'll make it...but even a couple sign wielding protesters could be enough to distract the parents.  

Premier Educational Seminars
PO Box 609
Hurricane, UT 84737

[parent name]

Dear [parent],

We have received your online registration and have confirmed your
reservation for the upcoming 12-03-2010  Las Vegas, NV  Discovery

Friday, 12-03-2010

Friday, 8:30 am Registration
Friday, 9:00 am to 12:00  Midnight
Saturday, 9:00 am to 12:00  Midnight
Sunday, 8:30 am to 6:00 PM

We contract with our seminar hotel for a block of rooms for our
participants at a reduced rate.  You may contact the hotel directly
and tell them you are with Premier to get our rate.  Please make your
hotel reservations at least 3 weeks prior to the seminar to receive
the Premier group rate.  After the three week mark, our rooms are
released and you are not guaranteed the group rate. Also note, since
block rooms are limited they can only be reserved on a
first-come-first-serve basis. You are responsible for your lodging
reservations and food expense.  Locations are listed below.

Las Vegas, NV
Alexis Park Resort
375 E. Harmon Avenue
Las Vegas NV 89169
Room rate - $89 + tax
Reservations # - 800-582-2228
Special Information: Room includes two free breakfast buffet per day
per room, you must request at check-in.

Two weeks before the seminar, you will receive a confirmation request,
either by mail or e-mail. After receiving your confirmation request,
you may confirm by following the instructions included in that letter.
 However, you are confirmed now and you may make all of your
arrangements for the seminar at this time.

If you have any questions regarding the Discovery seminar, please let
us know.  We will be happy to assist you.  We hope that you have a
wonderful experience in the upcoming Discovery seminar.


1.    Maintain absolute confidentiality of other students' expressions
and experiences.  What goes on in this training stays within this

2.    Be on time.  Be seated before the music ends. Be present for the
entire training.

3.    Use no alcohol or drugs unless prescribed by your physician
until completion of the training.  Follow your doctor's orders
regarding medications and prescriptions.

4.    Remain in the seminar room except for breaks.  In the case of a
physiological emergency, create agreement with the        team captain
to leave the room.   If you have medical exceptions, create agreement
with the team captain regarding your needs.

5.    If you wish to share, raise your hand, be acknowledged by the
facilitator, stand, and speak loudly.  No side talking.

6.    Wear your name tag in a visible location at all times in the
seminar room.  Turn in your name tag when so designated.

7.    No recording or note taking in the seminar room unless otherwise
instructed by the facilitator or service team.

8.    Turn off all pagers, beepers and cell phones while in the seminar room.

9.    Sit next to someone new after each break.

10.    Do not eat, chew gum, or drink beverages while in the training
room, unless otherwise instructed by the        facilitator or service

11.    Do not make any major life changes (unless already in progress)
for a minimum of 30 days following the completion of this seminar.

12.    Complete the seminar through graduation.

13.    Follow the instructions of the facilitator.


Premier Educational Seminars
P.O. Box 609
Hurricane, UT 84737


Dear [Parent],

Your teen [*************] is enrolled in a Premier affiliated school
HA, which utilizes Premier Educational Seminars as a major part of
your families’ program.   Your school is unique in this is a family
program not just a program for your teen.  While your school will work
with your teen over the upcoming months, Premier is the element within
the program which works with you as the parents and the entire family.
 Premier offers unique services to you and your school which will
prove integral to your success as a family.    It is critical for you
to understand the full program and what you can do to maximize your
efforts.    Your early involvement will

1.        Timely address those issues within the family which created
the breakdown
2.        Ensure you have the necessary tools to effectively work with
your child
3.        Ensure you assist your child in dealing with the real issues
4.        Maximize your efforts thus reducing the time in the program
5.        Ensure you utilize and gain all the tools available to
reunite your family while you are in the program.  Delay only means
you will miss integration of all the tools and skills which lessen the
success rate upon leaving the program.

It is important that you read this letter completely as there are
action steps that you will need to complete.

We know this time can be a bit overwhelming with calls, new terms, new
people, and most importantly a concern to heal the family.    We find
some common questions among all our families.
·         How did it get so far out of control?
·         What do I do next now that I have enrolled my teen?
·         Who are all these people and what is the “program?”
·         Did I make the right decision?

These questions will only be answered over time as you journey through
the program.   However, we at Premier know if we can start the process
of addressing these questions and much more immediately, the impact
upon you, your teen’s efforts and the effectiveness of the program
will be significant.    Too many parents wait to engage thus slowing
or stopping the necessary work to create success.    We urge you to
start now!

Premier is one of those “new” things you will be learning and
utilizing over the next months.  This letter is to introduce you to
Premier and educate you on who, what and how Premier is an important
part.   Premier offers personal development and skill building
workshops for both the teens and parents.    Your teen will be
attending Premier seminars during their time in the school.    While
your teen is attending seminars, you as the parents are invited to
attend very similar seminars to both assist you in creating a lasting
change within the family dynamic.     As both you and the teen
progress through the seminars and levels, you will be invited to
attend the Parent-Child seminars.    These seminars and workshops are
integral to the overall program flow.

In order to explain the program, seminars and all the support Premier
offers to your family, Premier has several upcoming events that will
assist you in starting the program quickly and effectively.      We
urge you to get involved NOW so as not to waste any time, energy, or
Premier's focus is to provide tools and learning that will assist you,
the teen and the entire family in creating lasting change in moving
towards a whole and healthy family.  It is essential that you have a
working knowledge of what to expect from our services and how to
effectively plan and utilize these services.   In order to assist you
in understanding the seminar elements and the importance of their
integration into the program, we have setup an Orientation call for
you to attend.   In this call you will be presented with detail
information regarding Premier and our services and will be given an
opportunity to ask questions.    Attached is the Seminar Overview
Manual for your review.    Please put this manual with your Student
Guide which you should receive from your school.

Before the call, please read the attached Seminar Overview Manual.
This will ensure the call is focused and to the point.   We
acknowledge that your time is valuable and we desire to ensure that
all interactions with Premier are valuable.   This pre-reading will
assist you in understanding all the information we will discuss.

This is a mandatory call before you attend Discovery.    Please put
this call on your schedule now.   If you and your spouse cannot attend
the same call, that is perfectly ok.   We have listed two dates for
your attendance.   Please call the office or go online to  to register for the call.
If you have extended family members who are integral to your families
program, please invite to attend this call.   If you are just in the
program and there is a Discovery before the next call, call the office
to register and we will ensure you are prepared for Discovery
immediately.   Do not miss the next Discovery due to this call.

Thursday November 11, 2010
Starting time:  6:00 pm Pacific - 7:00 pm Mountain - 8:00 pm Central -
9:00 pm Eastern
Phone in number:  305-848-8888
Press: 1
Access Code:  3332495410

Thursday November 18, 2010
Starting time:  6:00 pm Pacific - 7:00 pm Mountain - 8:00 pm Central -
9:00 pm Eastern
Phone in number:  305-848-8888
Press: 1
Access Code:  3332495410

Premier offers an online system to support your family with coaching
sessions, skill building workshops and open discussion groups.
This is an important part of the support we offer to our families.
You are invited to become a member of the FSN by creating a log-in on
the Bulletin Board System.   This is NOT part of your schools’ posting
system.  This is a specific network offering seminar support,
parenting workshops, family coaching and other valuable opportunities.
   You may create a log-in to the FSN immediately after registering
for your Premier Overview call.      Again the link to the New Parent
page on the Premier site is

The Seminar Office Staff

Email: [email protected]
707-431-1911 ext 4 phone
(866) 231-7198 Fax

Geezzz... They really go all out with the hard sell, eh?  :beat:

Any chance of posting that "Seminar Overview Manual?" You can post it as an attachment.

A word to the wise, anybody who may protest,dont antagonize LVPD or the Clark county sherriffs office,take it from 1st hand,mostly they are professional,but dont push your luck. :nods:

I've been waiting for years to get something useful to post here! I'm going to try and post that manual later when I get to the computer that it's currently stored on. I haven't even read it yet :) but I'm sure there's some damning material on it, there usually is.

So I've been trying to build material for a presentation to a church (still waiting for approval, but if my church won't do it, I'll just have to do it somewhere else). Anywho, right now the only real credible video material I have for the presentation is the PBS documentary "who's watching the kids" and a whole grip of congressional testimony. If anybody has any good material (video or otherwise) from traditional media venues or government sources I would be eternally grateful. I have some court testimony, and I'm interested but that's not exactly what I'm primarily looking for.


Seminar Overview attached (I hope).
Still haven't had a chance to read it. *sigh*
The wife has me painting bathrooms and looking for a job so that puts anti-wwasp activity and my novel on hold. Sad day.


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