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Re: Whooter's PM's
« Reply #45 on: December 18, 2010, 10:15:24 AM »
They never had a son they named John or Johnny so they would not understand what you are talking about. But your parents would understand when they are reminded that their son Devon ran away from responsibility every-time they tried to hold you accountable producing yet another sad disappointment in their life.

My parents are immensly proud of me and all I've accomplished, including my escape from HLA. Something you could never experience. Tell me something John, how proud was your father of you each time he had to bail you out of jail?

That we both know to be true because I had first hand information to back it up. lol. ouch!

Oh you mean the HLA staffer you spoke with? Odd how you cry and and cry about pictures of staffers being posted, yet you have no qualms about blatent HIPPA violations. Either way as I explained to you years ago, they had the wrong guy. Do you really think if Buchi knew who I was he wouldn't have tried to sue me?

Now go email one of the Reubens to purge your rage and self hatred.

Well I don't have any rage or self hatred, but I do feel your father has the right to know what his son is doing with that trust fund given to him. Please provide your parents email addresses.
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