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PS student expelled for pot brownie sale, gets sent to HYDE

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--- Quote from: "none-ya" ---Has anybody here ever eaten pot to get high? You know cooked. Do you know how much you have to eat to get sick. Not a very efficient use of pot.
--- End quote ---
Well. You can't overdose.  You can freak out a bit if you're new to it but you won't die.  Emergency room for a pot brownie is total unnecessary overkill.  It'll probably freak the person out even more by implying there is actually something to be worried about.  Best thing to do with a person like that is to get another experienced person to talk to him/her, change the environment, change the music, an explain that while pot can show you some of your fears or even amplify them, it also provides an opportunity to confront those fears, an effect that lasts well after the end of the actual psychedelic experience.

And if you do it properly (extract the cannibinoids from the weed properly), cooking is actually not that inefficient.  Most people just do it wrong and there are a whole lot of bad instructions out there on the internet.  First of all, wen making cannabutter or a tincture, the mixture has to be heated to above 220f but below 260f in order for the active ingredients to be absorbed into the butter or alcohol or glycerine or whatever you're using.  If you go under 220, all the cannibinoids remain in the weed (and can't be absorbed directly into the body).  If you go over 260 you vaporize the cannibinoids and make the cooking worthless.

Personally I recommend tinctures.  Basically you'll end up with a liquid that you can mix into anything.  If you're worried about alcohol consumption, you can use glycerine instead of alcohol.  Put a teaspoon of tincture into your coffee or tea or whatever and you get the same effect of smoking, only it lasts for 5-9 hours.

All that being said the kid should have warned the other kid when he sold the brownie that eating pot is more intense than smoking, lasts a lot longer, and is not for beginners.  Irresponsible on his part but still not deserving of a program (not that anything is).

It could also be that the brownie consumer fell fast asleep in the wrong place, e.g., at school. And wasn't easy to rouse. And someone ELSE freaked out. Like the school nurse. And so they hauled him off to the ER where they, of course, tested him for drugs...


That happened to me once, and I didn't even have the excuse of a pot-induced snooze to blame for it. I fell fast asleep one too many times in math class at public school and... the next thing I knew, I was being transported to my doctor's office in a police car for the subsequent drawing of my blood. There was an interesting scene where personnel from the Administration office came out as I was being escorted to the door, perchance to prevent me from bolting. That was my hindsight assessment. At the time, I had no clue as to why they were glaring at me and standing at the ready.

Of course, they found nothing save, perhaps, the remnants of my AM vitamins still being metabolized. I think I was only 14 going on 15, maybe already 15 by that time. It wasn't drugs, but some not insignificant depression and the peculiar lulling monotone of that particular teacher's voice that did it for me. Come to think of it, I probably hadn't had enough breakfast to offset the vitamins that morning.  :D

This year we saw something new here in Denmark when it comes to our boarding school. Normally when a student drinks or use drugs, they are expelled because the rules at almost every boarding school forbids use of both thing unlike the conditions outside where alcohol is allowed for minors due to research order by our government which proved that alcohol is not dangerous for minor when the alcohol percentage is below 16.5.

But the boarding schools typically have another mix of students. In Denmark it is forbidden to let your children attend school abroad unless the department of education is notified. We saw a number of students being sent to the middle east because our youth culture is very influence by the US culture and typically western lifestyle, which some parents find dangerous. The students returned to Denmark often married and angry. In one case an Italian tourist was stapped to death just within a hour arriving to Denmark. So parents who remove their kids from Denmark can and have face arrest and up to two years in prison. In extreme cases some have served 10 years because the children has not been returned. The boarding schools saw this market and they offer parents who are afraid of the general youth culture an isolated environment where they can pray and learn the general curriculum teached in every school. So in order to be an alternative for this special group of parents, they have to be strict on alcohol and drugs.

However then the crisis came. Fewer parents sent their children to the boarding school and some school lost 20 percent or more of their students due to rule violations. They lacked money. So what are they doing now? When a student is caught, the student is sent home for 14 days and has to write a essay as a kind of application to be allowed to return. Most students do want to return, because they are hit with a kind of cult-phenomenon. They have worked hard to fit in the boarding school peer group and they have paid with selling out of their personal values. They have removed what made them special and now they are home alone not being able to talk with their peers.

But the pressure for this change of policy did not come due to the economy alone. It is expensive to send your kids to boarding schools. In many cases the social services are paying part of the bill, so they can get troubled kids out of their city and away from their desk as a case, so they can continue to sleep at work. When a student is expelled they travel around and put pressure on other boarding schools, so traditionally there have been a lot of exchange between the boarding schools. I believe that the social services has put pressure on the boarding school so they dont have to be contact and start working whenever such cases occur.

I believe - despite what I think about the boarding schools in general - that the new policy is better for both the schools and the student. I believe that every school should be prepared to re-enroll an expelled student when a kind of consequence has been paid unless we are talking of very violent crimes against other students. If an essay is not severe enough, then let the student perform community service around the campus for a period. It would sent a strict message to the other students. I know because this approach is also used at some private day schools.

Wickedness scares more than faith
school to fight against dropout

DannyB II:

--- Quote from: "none-ya" ---Has anybody here ever eaten pot to get high? You know cooked. Do you know how much you have to eat to get sick. Not a very efficient use of pot.
--- End quote ---

It is a drug, so therefore we don't know what kind of reaction he had, maybe he found out that he was alergic to cannabis, THC, maybe something in the processing of the pot, maybe it was a combination of the brownie mix and the pot that got him sent to the hospital who knows and what difference does it make.
Instead of minimizes this guys (the great advocators of violence against kids) why don't you see to it that it never happens again. Be a different story if it were your child or grandchild.


--- Quote from: "none-ya" ---how long is this kid gonna' be stuck at HYDE for?
--- End quote ---
The language in the article seems to indicate that it's for the current school year. But... it's a bit vague on particulars, and certainly lacking in assurances.

School officials have told Bauman that he'll probably be out for a year. Their lawyer and her lawyer are negotiating terms of a possible re-entry plan that might include some kind of restitution and counseling, which her son continued through the summer.[/list][/size]
His case is also still making its way through the courts. During this time period, I'm sure that Hyde will be putting pressure on both the kid as well as his parents to invest in the... err... "opportunity of a lifetime": "Preparation For Life" through Hyde School, meaning at least a coupla more years.  :D

Stockholm Syndrome, here we come...


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