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A place to discuss how kids are turned into marketing material and discarded on exit plans like trash.  A place to discuss why some who have been through and objectively described abuse subjectively see that abuse as necessary or deserved.  A place to discuss why some teens, even years out of the program (yet supported by a compatible belief structure), will lie to protect the program (look at AARC).  A place to discuss why and how "students" are recruited to become staff and join their new family.  A place to discuss why so many "success stories" are dead, many from suicides.  A place to discuss the after effects.  A place to discuss healing.

note: I may subjectively sticky certain threads in this forum.  Make it an interesting discussion.

Anne Bonney:
I was both floored and relieved when I started researching about "thought reform".  When I started reading at, I was stunned at how it mirrored what happened to us in Straight.  The isolation to ensure that the only information accessible to the teen is in line with the groupthink, milieu control, alternate degredation and love-bombing of LGAT.  All the loaded language designed to stop critical thought, the confession of 'sins'....all of it was present in Straight.  I still can't believe sometimes all the shit they were allowed to get away with in the name of "treatment".  It really is astounding.

Learning about what was done and how they accomplished it was one of the crucial steps to my recovering and regaining my own thoughts and identity again. It was incredibly healing and enlightening.

I am glad that you brought this up.
I hope that somewhere in these archives , if ye still have them. A lot of the stuff I will be referring to here just for starters, is a very early discussion with wdtony on a public previous khk thread that ramparto(SP) used to moderate. I believe it was before what you now and have done for fornits  for awhile now. But anyway, back to the discussion... It was me and wdtony speaking publicly on here about some of the program songs   etc... We were also talking about how and I believe we were re-writing the "confidentiality agreement", and translating what that really meant (according to the staff enforcing this in a different way) to the clients of khk/str8, and how it helped to keep them prisoners with no legal recourse, and mainly no way to communicate anything to the outside world. I wish you could dig out these archives. This vanished as we had to change servers a few times and had crashes etc... We should ask Gingy about it sometime...maybe she knows how to retrieve them, or maybe webdiva does.  
My first thoughts on "thought reform" are that emotional blackmail is used a lot and called toughlove, or possibly described under another name depending on the type of thought reform. I say toughlove b/c we are dealing with the Troubled Teen Industry. I also say that the "model" can possibly change names b/c  it always does in some, way, shape , or form.

Also at Anne...I agree with everything that ye said....but only have one request. Can we quit using abbreviations if we are going to discuss this possibly? I have a bad memory now, and I always forget what LGAT means. Ask Psy, he has had to explain it to me several! But if my bad memory can't even remember it, then I think about the "lay people", (meaning naive about programs and thought reform) ever reading this stuff one day, and them going what the heck does LGAT mean?!...just saying.

P.S. I think Wdtony was the one that started re-writing that damn thing first, but I cannot remember correctly was pretty much right on, anyway. :)

<<<<<<<<Suffering from CRS=Can't remember shit".. :heartbreak:


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