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I have a file, about two inches thick, of documents from my time at Three Springs. I'm going to go through them, and post things here that I think might be relevant to other people.

This is the Application for Community Membership.

Application for Community Membership
(Use additional paper and answer each question listed below.)

1. Introduce Self
Where you are from:
Why you are at Three Springs:

2. List the crimes or inappropriate behaviors you have committed:

3. List the victims of these crimes or inappropriate behaviors by name:

4. What was the effect of your crimes or inappropriate behaviors on each of these victims? List each victim and the effect. Be very specific.

5. What has been the effect of your crimes or inappropriate behaviors on your family?

6. What is the current effect of your crimes or inappropriate behaviors on you today? What have you missed out on or lost as a result of your crimes or behaviors?

7. What are the responsibilities of a community member? List them.

8. What is the Positive Peer Culture?

9. Why do you want to be a Community Member in the Positive Peer Culture?

10. What can you bring to the PPC?

11. State the Three Springs Creed or as much as you can. State what these statements mean to you and about you while you are at Three Springs.

12. Be prepared to list specific norms to your group.

I used this document when I was outlining the abuses at Three Springs, explaining how they had broken every part of their own creed.

Three Springs Creed

We believe that every person, regardless of age, social standing, sex, education, or race, is a person worthy of respect, and whose dignity as a human being should be considered at all times.

We believe that every child placed in our care has a goodness and strength to be found, regardless of the problems or unacceptable behavior.

We believe that the physical and emotional health of our residents is paramount. In no case should they be subjected to undue risk or emotional damage because of our actions.

We believe in discipline based upon love and care, and that decisions affecting those in our care should never be made in anger or haste.

We believe that growth and maturation comes by doing, and our residents should never be demeaned by having things done for them that they can do for themselves.

We believe that each person involved in our treatment program, be they parent, child, social worker, probation officer, counselor, or friend is a part of a cooperative team, and that little can be accomplished without the valuable contribution of each team member.

We believe in truth, whatever the potential embarassment.

We believe in fairness, knowing that decisions are never fair to all people all of the time.

We believe in building bridges, rather than burning, and developing friendships based upon understanding and care of others.

We believe in goals, and commitment; for without them our lives are undisciplined and non directed.

There are a few formats for this: The Reflection Log

The general format was to write your name, the date, your goals for the day and whether you accomplished them, and what norms you broke.

Sometimes there was a form to fill out, too. It looked like this:

Date _________________

My overall mood:

Today where have I been in the cycle:

Today in school I:

I was confronted by ____________ about ________________ and I feel ____________ toward that person.

Stinkin' thinkin' today:

What have I done today to work on my problems (sp) areas?

Tomorrow I'll try to:

"The Cycle" was the Negative Behavior Cycle. I've found a document where I wrote out an example of my "behavior," but haven't found an original either in my papers or on the Internet.

The setup is History ---> Trigger ---> Negative Behavior Cycle, where "The Cycle" is an a circle...

Will keep looking.

Found it.




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