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Danish Trade war decleared against US
« on: February 22, 2012, 01:13:30 AM »
Due to the sentence against the Dane Kai Lundstroem Petersen a group of Danish politicians and laywers have started a trade war against the United States. His conviction has been critiziced by Danish legal experts because he never met his alleged victim.

Yesterday Danes was denied access to the still-legal streaming service Grooveshark and then the Danish Government has put tax on foreign Magazines produced outside the European Union. In Denmark most of such magazines come from the US. Now President Obama has been involved:

Obama involved in a Danish magazine VAT

Taxation Möger Thor Pedersen's plans to raise VAT on foreign magazines - eg. National Geographic, Times and several other popular magazines - has now landed on the table with U.S. President Barack Obama.

Two members of Congress have written to Obama, demanding that the president asks Helle Thorning-Schmidt to scrap the proposal, when she visits the White House on Friday.

Additional fee of 160 crowns
The bill means that the magazines printed outside the EU will increase dramatically. Post Denmark will in fact impose the leaves an extra fee of 160 Danish Crowns, when they should be sent out to the Danish subscribers.

When the U.S. sends 9 million magazines to the Danes a year, causing the price concern in the U.S. Congress.

- Between the lines it says that Obama must put your foot down when he meets with Helle Thorning, and say - I must not implement the tax, says U.S. connoisseur Mads Fuglede.

The two U.S. Congress members wrote in their letter to President Obama:

"If it is not stopped, this legislation could end up being adobteret of other EU countries, hvilkt would have a negative impact on U.S. jobs and the country's competitiveness."

Must close a hole in the VAT Act
Tax Minister Thor Pedersen Möger not fear the foreign criticism. He said the bill would close a loophole in the VAT Act.
Mads Fuglede believe that Barrack Obama could easily take up the matter when Helle Thorning-Schmidt sits against the U.S. president on Friday.

- It's an election year, and President Obama wants to be one that protects American jobs. Therefore, I believe that there is a good possibility that Obama will use this and mention it to Helle Thorning-Schmidt, says Mads Fuglede.
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Re: Danish Trade war decleared against US
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2012, 03:37:53 AM » ... r-sentence

Kai Lundstroem Pedersen

Sex predator who terrorized girl on Facebook gets 30-year sentence

By Mark Morris
Kansas City Star staff
Thu, 02/02/2012 - 5:36pm

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A relentless Danish sex predator who used Facebook to stalk and threaten an 11-year-old Missouri girl likely will spend the rest of his life in a U.S. prison.

Kai Lundstroem Pedersen, 61, whose own lawyer described his crimes as "horrific" and "unspeakable," was sentenced to 30 years in prison for using multiple aliases and online accounts to extort the Buchanan County girl into making child pornography.

"Based on this sentence, I don't think you're going back to Denmark," U.S. District Judge Greg Kays said as he announced the sentence in Kansas City.

Pedersen committed most of his crimes 4,500 miles away -- in Randers, Denmark, where he worked as a government technology consultant. But when authorities noticed that activity on his Facebook accounts had shifted to a U.S. Internet address, investigators tracked Pedersen to Stony Brook, N.Y., and arrested him in September 2010.

Pedersen had come to the United States on a vacation, apparently unrelated to his campaign of terror against the girl.

A sexual predator invading a daughter's bedroom from thousands of miles away is a parent's worst nightmare, U.S. Attorney Beth Phillips said.

"This 61-year-old man tricked and tried to bully an 11-year-old girl," Phillips said. "He waged a relentless campaign of extortion that harassed and terrorized his young victim and will now pay the price."

In his guilty plea in September, Pedersen admitting meeting the girl online in July 2010. After convincing her that he was a 14-year-old boy, Pedersen persuaded the girl to pose nude in front of a web camera.

At his computer in Denmark, he recorded the 25-minute session. Hoping to induce her to pose again, he threatened to post the video online and send it to her friends and family.

"If you don't want me to post everything on the Internet, then write back to me on Facebook," he wrote on Aug. 1, 2010. "Then maybe we can find a way to prevent me from making everything public."

Eventually he sent the images to those she knew and taunted that her lapse in judgment would live online forever.

"Ten years from now you can still be found and enjoyed," Pedersen wrote in one message. "I hope your (boyfriend) doesn't stumble across it."

He also tried to convince the girl that thousands of others were watching her video. He assumed multiple identities and sent her messages threatening rape and murder.

"Fourteen hours after your video was put on the servers it has been downloaded almost 900 times," he wrote in mid-August. "Think of this: If you meet someone in the street and he smiles and maybe giggles a bit, it is not because you look funny -- but maybe he enjoyed your video."

He also contacted another girl to have her pressure the 11-year-old to again pose for him.

The 11-year-old's mother contacted investigators when she learned of her daughter's relationship with Pedersen.

In a statement read to the court, the mother said the family was eager to move on and heal.

"My family has been left shattered because of this horrible, depraved person," she wrote. "None of us will ever be the same. Now is when we get to start picking up the pieces."

Though family members were at the hearing, the girl did not attend.

In his own statement to the judge, Pedersen apologized to the girl, calling his conduct "awful" and "inexcusable."

"I'm not in a position to ask her or her family to forgive me," Pedersen said. "I just hope the memory will fade."

Pedersen's defense lawyer, Ronna Holloman-Hughes, did not try to downplay the horror of intimidating a young girl for the purpose of creating child pornography. But she noted that had he been convicted in Denmark he likely would have only faced a six-year sentence.

The judge retorted that, in his opinion, Denmark did not take this kind of crime seriously enough.

Kays noted that Pedersen's case also presented an unusual opportunity to send a message to those who produce child pornography abroad and beyond the reach of U.S. law enforcement. Most U.S. child porn cases are against those who view, collect and distribute the material.

"You're unique, Mr. Pedersen, because we don't often get people like you," Kays said.

Pedersen pleaded guilty to extortion and production and transportation of child pornography. The plea agreement called for a sentence of between 15 and 30 years.

In asking for a harsh sentence, Assistant U.S. Attorney Patrick Daly said the effects of Pedersen's conduct will linger far longer than any prison term he serves because he shared the video online.

"This is a crime of perpetuity," Daly said. "It will go on longer than 15 years, longer than 30 years, as long as there is an Internet."


(c)2012 The Kansas City Star (Kansas City, Mo.)

Visit The Kansas City Star (Kansas City, Mo.) at

Distributed by MCT Information Services
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Re: Danish Trade war decleared against US
« Reply #2 on: February 22, 2012, 03:59:52 AM »
You have to understand the viewpoints of our legal experts when you see the normal punishment people get in Denmark:

Educator convicted of sex with 15-year

An educator from Fjerritslev area convicted of having had sex with a maladjusted 15-year-old girl.
A 39-year-old teacher has been sentenced to 60 days in jail in a case involving sex with a misfit girl who was 15 years old when the assault took place, writes

The girl, who is from Elsinore, was then placed in the institution "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" in Mors.

Educator assault took place in a cottage on Læsø, which is owned by the institution.

The indictment was the teacher entered the bathroom, where the 15-year-old girl staying naked. Here he was under indictment have pulled the girl by the hair and forced her into oral sex.

The 39-year-old was sentenced to 60 days in jail after Penal Code section 219 for having sex with a person who was trusted educator in custody.

It was among other things, a sound recording with a mobile phone that was right to conclude that the 39-year-old had violated the clause.

However, he was acquitted of indecent exposure and to have forced the girl for sex.

Beyond the 60 days in jail, the 39-year-olds pay a orterstatning of 15,000 crowns to the girl and pay for the costs.

The 39-year-old appealed on the ground.
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Re: Danish Trade war decleared against US
« Reply #3 on: February 22, 2012, 05:00:04 AM »
I found a testimony from another girl who have been forced to live in the treatment center called "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" (The name is for real - it is no joke). It is from Google Translate, so it is a rough translation:

V on One Flew Over the Nykøbing

This is V's report on his stay at the destination Cuckoo's Nest. All rights to this report are reserved for the author.

Prior to the placement

Before I moved to the Cuckoo's Nest, I was placed in a residence for people with autism and Asperger syndrome, down around herning (dairy, Hedebo Center) because I have Aspergers. But then, no one explained to me what a resident actually meant - and I had much to contend with in everyday life. I was beginning to become very rebellious. I ran away when things were difficult. Cluttered me into trouble. At that time I had already a number of suicide attempts behind me. Even today I can see it's was a cry for help ...

One day I decided that I would find my own apartment, because I could not figure out how to live with many others at a residence ... but the municipality refused to listen, and eventually I became angry, and I threatened suicide because I did not know what to do.

I ran away and was picked up by police. I ran into the closed psychiatric department in Herning, where I spent a week while the municipality was trying to figure out what to do.

I remember the staff at the department had forgotten to lock a window in the smoking room. We were some girls who had found out ... Normally the room was locked when that was aired out.

Meanwhile, 2 other held eye, so I actually jumped out the window. I remember it was said that 'only' was 3 meters. I hit a metalkarm with his chin in the fall, and landed on the backs of the tiles on the ground. I had gone out like a light. I woke up when the staff came down to me and they told me to go back up to my room. Even today, then I still do not know how they can ask someone who just jumped out of a window in the height to go up a spiral staircase, and down two long corridors ...

Well, I did it and they called an ambulance, even though they were actually part of the hospital.

I called my dad and told him what had happened, and he drove to Herning. There were more than 40km from my parents' house, and when they arrived the ambulance was still to come.

My dad asked me where I had jumped from. I pejede over to the window. He glanced briefly down and explained to me that therefore there was not 3 feet, but the contrast was 7 meters from the window-frame and down to the tiles .....

When the ambulance finally arrived and the ambulance got serious a few short words with one of the doctors, I was then scanned in such a machine was running around as I was going to lie in.

There was nothing to see on the scan, not even a slight concussion, they said. My father said that there must be someone who had held his hand over me.

I remember that I felt disappointed ...

2 days later a caseworker to visit. He explained to me about this great new place he had found for me. He told me it was called Cuckoo's Nest, and that it was in the top of Mors, which I had no idea where was. He said I most likely had to get a pet there, and that there was much focus on the young people felt good. He explained to me that the houses had fewer beboerer and that there was much more freedom. He said there was a little run-in period of a few weeks where I would live for myself, so they just might learn to know me.

He laid much emphasis on it was a really good place.

But be could not give me any concrete answers to the things I asked about. He did not know very much. And it was one of the only places that had acute placements.

But yes .. But he thought it was a really good place. I remember I was delighted.

It still hurts to think about how much I cursed the next 2 years of my life ...

The Stay

It was in april month and I was just 16 ....

The day after I moved into a 'one-man project,' they called it. I reached just in the door when they asked for my phone. They asked if I had other simcard or something similar. I refused to return my mobile, of course. That was my mobile ..? They would also have my computer.

They explained about 'grading system'. And their 'tables'. One would in one form or another clean 5 days a week so they had free on Saturdays and Sundays.

It could consist of 2 days a week you had to vacuum the entire house, wipe all surfaces, wash all the floors, cleaning toilets and wash basins and shower booths, drying all dørkame and door handles on etc etc .... So should one the next day wash the car on the outside with soap and rinse off, and vacuum the interior.

The next day you had to wash all the windows.

That was every day of the week ...

It was completely unrealistic and unnecessary in my head that would fix everything.

The rating system consisted of was ..

The grade 8 would be average.

If you got up on time, and ordered all his duties and not discussed with the educators, so we would get 8th Then there was the seventh If you got 5 minutes for late risers, so we got 7 or if they had not ordered his gig (according to the form). And it was even though they had 38 in fever, or had been hospitalized after a suicide attempt, or threw up constantly. It was only excused if you had 39 of fever.

When we had gotten 7 so you had an 'average' of 7.8 or something like that .... If you had an average of less than 8, so they cut everything in a certain number of days.

For me it was something with that ... an average of 8 that I had to not go out of the house for 4 days, had to first take down on the beach with them after 7 days and were not allowed to go out and buy them until after 14 days.

What then was what it was that you could 'offset' that there are 7 numbers if you got a 9 figures.

You could get a 9 numbers to lick ass on educators. I say this directly as it is. If you washed their private cars completely voluntary and thoroughly, so you would get 9th Or if you made the whole house clean one day, where you should not.

Or 'if it had been a very good example' .... But it was really bullshit, because it was the rather indifferent.

If you hit a teacher or another young, you would get 6th If you tried to commit suicide or beating another to death, or ran away, so we got 5th If you got 6 or 6 (depending on who it was), so they came in 'home' ... One got 'Impact' .... The impact usually consisted of one would be 3 weeks in a cottage. You were not allowed to take music with. Of course not mobile or portable, yes. You had to maybe take a book. And his bedding and his clothes.

They were smart to locate holiday cottages in the places where nothing is. There was one in Hanstholm. And one, a piece of Aarhus. And then there was a Læsø (Which was used to them they could not keep track of them who constantly ran away. It was the only ferry every three hours back and forth to the mainland, so it was hard to run away from there ... .)

But in 3 weeks, or how long they are now than had determined that we should just stare into space. Come down when there was dinner.
No walks, no.

If you had behaved nicely, you had to watch TV in the evening.

Otherwise, no electronics.

Personally ... I think it was some sick way they tried to break us, so we would behave and not protest / make trouble, or whatever it was we had done ... And then it may well be I sound very paranoid ... . But .... It was fucking like torture ... It is strong isolation ... It was really bad ... I can not remember how many times I ended up out there ... It's very foggy, and there are many things that I do not remember anymore because it has been very traumatic ... I am still trying to get worked some of the discomfort I have from Cuckoo's Nest. I was already sick - I had Aspergers Syndrome, and I even knew I had ADHD, and I was judged to possibly have a mild skitzotypi and borderline.

It was Torture .....

Anyway ... You could also score 10 metals. But it was damn rare ... It would be wonderful if we got a 10.

Each evening wrote educators report on us, and sent it in to the office. In the office sat a lady's office and assessed our behavior, sending the characters back to the house ..

The first week I refused to hand over my mobile. But I got 7 every day .. So finally I delivered it, and my sim card. The computer I was allowed to keep, but there was no internet.

They said that I am following the commissioning period would come out of a house and live with another young and that I would get internet and mobile.
They said that the driveway period could last anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months.

My lasted one year.

I would not call or get in touch with any of my friends. They said I had inappropriate friendships when they never had met my friends, or heard me talk about them.

I had to call my parents 2 times a week, every 10 minutes. It was at a particular time. 7:30, it was known in the one house I lived in .... If I then remembered the 7:40, it was too late. As was the 10 minutes gone - if I had talked with them or not.

Although my parents tried to explain them in 2 years that I would always be able to get in touch with them so that teachers never listened.
Indeed, later in her cycle, when my parents really saw what really perished, so they protested against the some of the things that occurred to me ..... One Flew Over said they would stay out of because my parents did not have guardianship rights anymore. I do not know if it was true.

The first 3 months I spent a lot on trying to get in touch with my caseworker. 2-3 times a week I would call him and be a message on his phone products. EVERY week. Finally, because I tormented educators so much about it, so sent my 'middle' (they were higher 'ranking' than the educators, and conducted over several houses), she sent a few reminders of the place for him.

The funny thing is that he is in all my papers, had written that I was content to stay at the Cuckoo's Nest. It is nasty ..... It was only something I found out after I was 18th. Every day I had to clear my way through a living hell, isolated and threatened with everything that I held of ... And then just stood there in my papers that I felt good.

Sorry to jump so much in it ... As I said, I must still have worked all the bad memories, so it's a little chaotic ...

I hated the Cuckoo's Nest.

They were guilty until the contrary was proved.

If they made a mistake and then you got the blame, so we would have bad character. Then afterwards when you could prove they spoke true nature would be corrected.

They would take everything one held on by one if you did not do as they said, forms, gig, plig, character table ...

Then there was also the one with the cladding.

I would not go with anything that was pink.

Whether it was a pink blouse, or whether it was a pink sweet girl-cap, or whether it was a pair of pink sunglasses ....

If we went with pink, as were copies a prostistueret. It said one of the educators to me directly. And they would not let the young look like prostitutes.

I would not go with skirts. It was pornotøj, unless of course the skirt went below the knee and had jeans underneath. But if they went to shorter than the knee, EVEN IF I HAD PANTS ON, so it was still pornotøj.

I would go with blouses that covered almost all the way up to the neck.

I remember I got such a nice and smart cap / hat of my aunt. It made me really happy ....

And I remember that they took it because I had to go with it. It was challenging.

The entire first year, I had no call other than my contact and my parents the 2 times a week. I could not talk to my friends, or meet with them. I would not assume HOUSE - if I were out in the garden, they had to monitor me. To go down and buy a soda ... No, it was completely unrealistic, it may not.

I would not be mobile. I might not have internet access. I could not talk to people on the street, because such things did not.
I could not even keep my money. They were in my coffers, which I had the key, but they kept my money cash in their safes with code.

If I were to buy something, then they should either keep the money, otherwise they would count it when we got home.

I developed a very bad panic attacks.

I can no longer sit in a room without sitting in a corner where I can see the entire room.

And sometimes I go they are panic attacks where I can not breathe and my whole body pulling together ....

I'm afraid to sleep alone. The time now is 2:40 while I sit and write.

Everything has evolved while I lived at Cuckoo's Nest ..... If only I had gotten help in time ...

The 2 years I lost. I lived in a hell, without any respite. And the next several years will go to repair everything that the 2 years has destroyed. Including myself ..

Sorry to sound pathetic, but it's the first time I write as much detail about Cuckoo's Nest - and it's hard ...

I was moved around on One Flew Over much.

We stayed in a lot of little houses scattered around.

I have all lived in 5 different houses in the 2 years.

The first house was only the first 2-3 months, so I came into a house with another girl, who often took it out on me if she had it bad. She moved away because she was getting 18th So I came out of a much larger house with a girl that I could NOT. But teachers would not listen.

After I had moved into the house with the girl I had on holiday to Italy.

On the holiday, I was threatened the lives of her and another girl from the destination. Meanwhile, educators drove away to exchange money in one of the major cities, we were 3 at home.

I was threatened that they threw a remote control in my head, and if I did not tell them anything they would know they would "fucking kill me. ' The girl I lived with, she said she would make it a hell if I did not say anything as she would know.

They both stood and shouted and screamed at me for more than an hour before the teachers came back.

I had remained fairly silent, because I wanted to talk with educators about it when they got home. It was useless to come up and beaten. I thought.

When I got home, I got most of the yelling. And then I was told that I should shut up and it just had to stop.

I protested and said that they then could not just let girl threaten me that way.

The girl told me to keep my fat mouth shut.

I said I incurred would not keep my mouth shut.

Then she said, "I smash your fucking". Right in front of educators.

So I turned to the educators, and shouted why the hell they did not do anything. Why she could just stand and threaten me, and nothing did.

But "now we just keep because we were yet so childish and they were disappointed we could not figure out how to be alone" .... And I was told that now I should just drop it. I was shocked.

The next six years in the house with her maid, that was the worst. I cut a lot of myself. They would really often low razzier to our rooms to look for drugs, alcohol, etc., and in my case, mobiles and sharp objects.

So I would take a glass up to the room, wrap it in a cloth, and then smash it against my sofa table edge. As the sound would not be so high.

I was in and be made a couple of times ... There were also a couple of times when they refused to go to the hospital with me. There I had to even go and wash my arm clean. Although there were deep wounds, and it continued to bleed, 'so it was indeed my own fault .. I could just leave it there '.....

A specific teacher was really the worst. The one time I had blocked the door and cut myself .. when I came out, she said, "You make yourself your floor clean." Although I used to stuff a towel, or a lot of pairs of socks under, so sometimes it went through ... And in one house had wooden floors, so it was really hard to wash away .... Especially with a wrist that hurt. There was not much grace there ...

When I would complain about anything because I do not think things were properly, well then I would get 7 yes. I would not mention the word Asperger's (my diagnosis). Because I just had to 'look to get into the fight, and stop using it as an excuse, because you are not his diagnosis' ... They should just pull themselves together.

So they started giving me 7 every time I talked about Aspergers syndrome.

And if I would complain about something, then it was 'hernia' .... Brok was also during the 7 figures, at least for me. I'm the type that if I think something is not okay, then I say damn. I do not sit and be quiet ... I mention it, and I take it up again and again if it does not get fixed. I'm stubborn, and I will not bend me if I know there is something not right ....

I think that is also that was why I was one of them as they drove hardest ....

They drove us, or at least to me, mentally ... When something really bad had taken place, then they started saying that I had lack of realism, and it had never occurred. Also if they had made a deal. If they would change it so they said there had never been made a deal. And I had lack of realism, and was very mentally ill, and I did not know what happened in reality and that I could not even figure it out.

It just fucked insanely much with my head. It was so insanely manipulative ... And I almost began to believe in them eventually.

The worst is almost really just that ...

If I talk about it to many people, well, they do not believe me unless they really know me. I understand them well. I also doubt if I had not been there. It just sounds .. sick. Unrealistic. As if such a thing, it can not take place in Denmark .... And I hate it really useful. Because suddenly I begin to doubt that it ever took place ... When you get to know each and every day for 2 years, you start to believe it ....

But luckily I still have contact with some people who also lived there, while I lived there. And I've also met someone who worked there before I got there, and simply quit because of 'pedagogy' ...

Sometimes I talk with others who have lived there, just to get things confirmed ... To just have it confirmed that I am not insane is that I have not only invented it all in my head ... In a way, would it really be better, would not it? If it had never occurred and it was all psychological fiction, so I could then cured by psychiatrists ....? But ... it took place. Everything. Hell, it was real. It took place.

Again, again, I regret that I write so unprofessional. It is very hard emotionally, and when I think it through and write about it, it's almost like I live through it again.

I know that I miss so many details ...

Some of the rooms at the residence was very small. I lived at a time in a room that was 230cm long and 320cm wide. It was satme small. You could almost just turn around in there. But we all had our own rooms.

I tried to run away a few times and I also managed a few times.

We had these two 'internal' schools. Forest House and saw the school in town.

(Yes, everything was isolated and perished in Gøgeredens own walls ...)

I was getting tremendously bullied at school the other from the Cuckoo's Nest, and had been threatened by a number of them. I was actually slapped a slap in the face of a certain girl from school, and she pushed me down so I hit his head against the floor.

I tried to call the police, but One Flew Over refused to talk to police. It would just not work. So I could never report violence case. It was all 'hush hush'.

But it was just about a month november. In december there was the New Year and we had to not keep at home with our families. So I was told I had to keep New Year with them at Forest House ... Yes ... if I was knocked down and threatened them to school time, how is it when they have had 3 beers, and many more simultaneously?!

But I could not stay home.

Then I would get consistency and get home.

They said that there would be no New Year's Eve ... But it could be they do not guarantee ...

I really tried to come to a solution, but teachers would not budge.

So I ran right around d 27 or 28 december to a former girlfriend. I had to arrange something of a hidden mobile, sneak out at night (not as easy as it sounds) and get someone to drive me so I could get away from the island. So I met with my then boyfriend.

The day after I called via an anonymous program on your computer, both my parents and stay. I called my mom and said I was okay and that I would take back the 1st of January. I said the same thing to stay and they said of course I had to come back and they would probably find me, etc etc ... So I just said, "Well, okay .. But I'll call you again on 1 "

My mother, she knows I ALWAYS keep my promises when I promise something. But it did not Cuckoo's Nest.

I called them late in the morning on January 1, and gave them the address they could get me back on.

I knew they were looking intently at me, so it was still only a matter of time. And they picked me. The subsequent 3 months was one big punishment. But in a way it was still worth it, because I had been allowed to feel alive in the 3 days I had been away ...

I started slowly after the first year to have to get internet. It started out with a half-hour when they should sit beside and watch everything I wrote. I had not even explain to my friends on MSN that the conversations were monitored. Then they would take the Internet away from me again.

Then I began to have to get my phone an hour a day. But they were quick to take it from me again if I did not get up on time.
Eventually I'd like to have their Internet or mobile, because the only reason they gave me it was because they had something to punish me. For, you have nothing to take from a person, then the person has nothing to lose. And they had by now taken everything from me.

I'm a big computer nerd. I found a way so that I could still go on line and I kept it very secret diligently for them.

I also stuck a few more times later on ....

They used to take my letters. I found this really does not look like before I moved away and got my folder with me.

Even my BANK papers they had taken.

I had been lacking NemID from my bank Nordea, and had been lacking in much time and could not understand how it was gone. The letter had been opened and read through. They had not taken the field, where all NemID numbers stood. But there were many letters had been taken, and just tucked away in my folder. It made me mad when I found out because I know exactly which of the educators who did it.

I had been waiting on a letter, and had emptied the mailbox, put your hand into the opening at the top before he got it unlocked.

He asked what it was. I said it vedkom when not him.

He said I would deliver the letter and that he had read it through.

I asked him if he did not know the law in the area ... You had not read our letters through, and that they should not frisk us. These were some of the few things they could not as educators.

He held the mouth afterwards. But I know it was him because he was so insistent that they should have my letters.

When you stood up 5 minutes late in the morning, as they would to bed 7:30 or 7:45 depending on whether it was ringedag. Insanely early ... And I had not read or sit in front of the computer. I would lie in my bed and stare into the air.

My best recollection ....

There were a few good things ... It could in no way compensate for all the bad things, but there were a few things that were good ..

I could occasionally - if the character was in it - go on shrimp. So, just go in Limfjord with a wide net and catch shrimp, and cook them. I've always loved water.

But the best memory from the 2 years was probably a female teacher that I had ...

She knew someone who had a connection to Højriis slot.

So we would be allowed to fish for roach in the moat.

And one day we rowed out into the moat on a small boat.

It was evening and there flew a lot flagrermuse around.

The worst memory ... It's hard. There are numerous.


After I was 18, I thought teachers should not have my sleeping pills after at 10th Because the others went to bed at 10 and I could not even keep just one pill in the room because I'd just commit suicide, she said. Although it was nearly half a year since I last had taken an overdose.

It ended with the teacher was stubborn and would not give me my sleep medication at all. I needed to be awake from 10-12, maybe even until 1-2 pieces because it was my only break of day. There was noise in the house at all other times, and there was no account of myself in those areas. So in the hours in the evening when the others had gone to bed that I had to 'charge' ...

But she refused, even though I had yelled and screamed and discussed for more than an hour with her. Then I thought "now I've fucking tried to solve it, then it may be just too damn much," and reached out and took my pill boxes in a quick second. There were 4 pill boxes, each with one pill melatonin in. I used to get 2 pills melatonin in the evening, but was now only 1 every night. Then 4 pills, it would not do anything.

But she grabbed me and threw me into bed. The others who were on the other side of the wall in the kitchen, they heard the high crash. Anette (teacher) was trying to wrest pill-boxes out of my hand and she took hold of my neck to push me away as she tried to grab them. I pushed her fast by me, and made sure to keep them in one hand behind my back, and she - literally - flung me into the desk next to it, and again tried to get hold of them. This time I pushed her off me a little faster, and then realized she like that she could not virste them from me. So she stilte in front of the door.

So now she would like to talk about things. She promised that I could get in and get them when I had to go to bed and she would stay awake and that I could just knock.

I did not trust her because it was she who had also asked me why I would move away when I still wanted to commit suicide as soon as I got my own apartment.

It was she who always claimed that what I said was not true. I was a liar.

She lied to me a lot.

But after a while she stood and blocked the door so I went to give her the pills and that I would get them later. I decided to myself that if she would try to cheat me later, I would no longer be sweet. She had hurled me into two things, and took hold of my neck, and without any reason. Actually I know it is illegal for them. You may only do so if you are in danger or displays other of danger. And there must be a written assessment of the future, which I had to sign because I was the 18th But it was never written down.

Fortunately, so unobserved she's agreement.

But all I had to go through ... The conscious, yes, that it was only when I had done something extreme, and taken the pills from the table that she would talk about it.

It was not nice.

Even more bad memories ...

When I lived with her maid in the past, as I was in Italy with ....

Yes, bullying drove'm on for half a year later.

One evening I took some candy from the candy bowl.

Then she looked at me and said I was fucking creepy, and now she should not have more candy from the candy bowl.

The teacher sat beside me on the sofa, but said nothing.

I asked her if she had a problem. Then she began to laugh at me. So I said - maybe to provoke, but I had had enough of the bullying - she might even think it was funny, but that she was fucking stupid.

So she was mad and said if I would be beaten up or whatever.

I get up and said "then came" to her.

Only then mixed educator himself. It was written in my papers that I called to fight, and I got much scolding.
The teacher had said nothing when the other girl had threatened me. Only when I said "well, then came" ... Then I got blamed for 'encouraging' ...

Bullying got worse and worse. A guy also moved into the house. Normally I could with him, but because there was another girl in the house, so he obviously felt that he should be just as much an asshole to me.

I could no longer eat in the kitchen, without the girl had to find something to criticize me, yell at me for. So I gave her not the water fast enough. So I took too much sauce. So was my food is not proper. So I was wrong. So I took what she wanted.

Always, every day, she found something. Every day. And she would never give me anything at the table either, hypocritical as it is.

I began to stop coming at the dinner table because it was too hard. It was my home .. I could not take it every day.

You had to eat only at certain times.

Between 8-10 had to eat dairy breakfast. Kl. 3 had to eat bread. Kl. 6, there was dinner. I could not even eat bread, it has always been a stomach ache afterwards. So educators chopped at me because I snuck me into the night to take something to eat. I gradually began almost completely stop eating.

Then she began to wait for that I went to bath. I knew that she was finished, because I had heard from my room, and she had gone into his own at least 5 minutes. Then I would slip in the shower and I was only just the clothes before she would knock on the door and yell and scream and kick the door because I was slow. Because she had 'forgotten' something in there ...... And would I have to get yelled at for, though it was just a fucking hair elastics, or that she could get it earlier.

Finally I isolated myself completely in my room.

But then she started throwing things at my door, and then say to teachers that she had not done anything, and that it was ghosts. Both her and the guy did it. And it came too close ..... They kicked my door and wanted to run into their own rooms.

Middle managers said, "Well now they do it no more" but it DID they do. Every time it happened, would the manager say afterwards, "Now they do it no more." The one time she had gone up to tell me the room and they did it again because they had not seen she had gone into my room. So could the leader not just completely say it did not take place.

The girl had directly told the manager that she would make my life a living hell until I moved away because she hated me.

The middle manager said there would be room for everyone, and talked a lot. Finally the girl said simply "jaja" just talked after the mouth, but the leader said that now I had to trust that she would stop and I had to stop being so negative.

Eventually I got enough. I could not anymore. I would not go out of the house, they would call the police. I had no place to hide, no sanctuary, no peace, nothing I could do, and nothing that they would do. I had a hidden mobile phone at the time, and I called home to my father and said I would do something stupid against the girl I lived with. I said that the only difference between a jail and where I lived, it was that in a prison, everything was quite clear, and there would not be threatened with losing everything you kept on constant .. Well I could not go outside in advance, no internet, no mobile, no talk to someone, what would the difference be?

In prison, I could maybe get an education, and as far as I remember there was when even a psychologist and psychiatrist help.
It was much better than where I was ...

And you just had to harm another person, so come one is ahead in psychiatry, it was safe.

The day ... called my dad immediately to the institution. I said it would not help and that it would not change anything. But I promised him to wait a little, I went downstairs and sat at the kitchen table, just above the tray with kitchen knives in.

... For some strange reason, it was either the guy or girl home at the time of the evening. They were normally point ALWAYS home on Tuesdays. But not that day ...

If they had gone past me, then yes ... So I had stabbed her down. I was desperate. I could no longer see other options, I would never wish to harm another person, and I had taken an overdose and was made a couple of times while I had lived with her. I had tried to commit suicide first, before that I would harm another human being. But I came to the pumping and monitoring with the pills and it was never ever.

But if fate wanted, they were both slipped 10 minutes before I had made my decision.

One Flew chose to finally take it seirøst.

I think there were several reasons for it.

I had it here ... cold, but very calm feeling inside.

I think they noticed ... And I think it got them to take it seriously.

We packed my main thing, and I came out in an empty house for a few days and then I moved over to a new house.

Another memorial .. after I was 18th I was promised by the municipality that I could get out and live in the apartment when I was 18th I switched over to a caseworker named Kirsten, from Brande municipality.

I filled year in early January.

I tried to make contact with her.

Every day was hell, so it was insanely slow.

. d 19 or 20 I finally got the one from the municipality who actually knew something. I was told that Kirsten was not my caseworker anyway, and that I would get another 1st of February. I can not remember his name.

So I waited ...

And it was on 1 .... I called again ... knew something .... d 3 I called again. But he was not my caseworker did anyway because he was there only to "turn off bad burn '... And I would get a named Jan in their place.

I think I came in contact with Jan on February 9 to 13, in between.

I said I needed to get away and I did not know how I could get indskudslån for an apartment.

He would not help because he said he did not know me well enough to make an assessment of what was best.

Finally I asked if I should rob a bank or whatever the hell I had to do to get away. He would 'discourage' ...

A week after he is no longer my case worker. Now I apparently named Suzanne.

Suzanne will not help me with a indskudslån, and when we are in a meeting around d 20-23 (?) In February, she thinks I should live in some other quarters.

But I had been anticipating. I had found out that there was a hole in the law ... Even Brande was my home municipality, so I still could well apply for indskudslån in Morso, because that was where I had the address. But I knew Ikast fires would stop me if I told them that.

Between the time I had even had arranged a meeting with a landlord, and looked at an apartment. One Flew had only very reluctantly driven me to the disc.

I wanted the apartment, and explained my landlord that I was a little dirty in the context of place of residence, and that I should apply for indskudslån in the municipality, but that it would not be safe I would get it.

He was very indulgent, and he would hold it back until I had had a reply.

So all the papers were signed and sent off to Morso, and only there for the meeting, dare I say it aloud. Then they could not avoid it any longer. I've ALWAYS wanted to live in my own apartment, completely ago in my late 14 years of age. They could no longer keep me.

Suzanne was surprised, but she was granted that I should get housing assistance in the month of May. They knew not where, but it had to be found out.
One Flew Over trying desperately to hold on to me and they say to the municipality that I can not stand myself. Repeatedly, they suggest themselves as supported housing or extended stay, but I switch them every single time, and reject them outright. They said it is something else entirely when you're over 18 I said that they had had the chance to prove.

I get my indskudslån and I get the opportunity, just at the beginning of March.

One Flew Over had sold their last van without informing me about it, so I had nothing to move in. Absolutely. But luckily had one of the few educators (who was not indifferent to us) she had a car instead.

On one day packages I ALT in my room down in cardboard boxes all alone, teachers would not help.

I get moved into my new apartment, and sheep for the first time my own keys.

Educators is basically set to be a 'reserve housing support' until the other would take effect in May.

It's MINIMAL the support I got from the Cuckoo's Nest, and it was not nearly enough compared to the money they were paid by the municipality. They got the money to be with me full time. They were there 6 hours a week.

But on 20 april, 10 days before my new housing assistance comes to cancer, call the municipality.

I have a new caseworker. Susanne is no longer my case worker, I switched back to Kirsten as I originally had.

She denounces me from Brande municipality and to deprive my housing assistance allocation, just 10 days before it would enter into force.

So I had to start from scratch in Skive municipality, without any kind of help .....

I've been extremely lucky to get a crazy good caseworker. Without my caseworker, and some of the people who have supported me, had I not done it.

Today I started training, and has gradually built up a social network.

I still have panic attacks and I have much anxiety. And there are certain words that I can not tolerate. Words such as 'Table', 'consistency' and other words ... It is perhaps a little bullshit, but ... Well the word is mentioned, it's like that 2 years of painful shot through me, even though it only just in one second. And if I have a bad day, then makes it damn still hard.

I'm no psychologist just PT., But I hope soon I can get, so I can get it all worked. Although I think it's some things I may never fully recover .... But I got through it, and I never thought I would. I survived, though they destroyed much of me and my psyche, so they destroyed not my stubbornness or my personality.

It broke they never .....

After the Change:

One Flew Over closed shortly after. The official reason was stated to be that not enough children were referred to the ground will continue. Half a year after it became known that an employee had used a girl sexually in a cottage during a one-man project.

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