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Che Gookin:
Post here when you get some exercise.

Gonna go for a jog in a few minutes.

Che Gookin:
went for a 1 hour walk and a 30 minute jog. Just felt the need to get out a bit this morning, work has been frustrating of late.

Next, pull that Rickshaw across China and then latch it to your back for extra resistance across the Pacific. When you get to San Diego, let me know!  (Can you at elast send me a picture of the shawster while I wait?)

Che Gookin:

Hand pulled rickshaws are illegal in China, I believe they have been since the cultural revolution. I still see them around for small cargo transport and construction work, but not people moving.

Bicycycle rickshaws are another story. I took one of these home from a bar a few nights ago after I had a few to many shots of whiskey with my boss. I probably could have walked, but I had that cozy relaxed feeling going and I wanted to take it easy.

I would hope people-driven rickshaws are from the past!! But thanks! Doe sit come with the bike? :)


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