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Whats going to be the new ISAC?


Now that ISAC is gone our cause is lacking in a comprehensive research database.

We've been twiddling our thumbs long enough its time to get back on the database project.

Lets start here, I have already made a folder system that will help us organize the files we all already have... I've got a ways to go before I will be able to build this site from the ground up so lets just do what we can do for now.

We need to get some volunteers, build a few teams and each team tackle a different subject (ie: Original programs like Synanon, CEDU and other clones, Modern day programs like WWASP, ASPEN and clones, Related Articles and scientific research on techniques used by the TTI... and the list goes on, you pick whatever you have experience in) and just collect as much information as you can find on google.

My main goal is to SEO the SHIT out of so that we can rank over the programs... especially in the "behavior modification" and "Help my teen" key words... this will be very possible if we can bulk up our content.

I am currently studying web design, including php and mySQL... a database is definitely something I will be able to build down the road, and we already have some plans in the works to build our own private server. So its really important that I get everyones help here, I just don't have the time to do it all myself.

Anyway, sorry for my recent absence, I've been really busy but I will always make time to bring an end to institutionalized child abuse...Thanks Everyone!

PS... is there anyway to recover the content from our fallen Can someone contact Shelby and see if she has hard copies she can give to us?

We have tried to modify the language used on the Wiki so it appear less hostile for parents seeking advice. I don't know how the contents can be converted into a more regular php/SQL environment and due to certain problems in Europe we can only focus on maintaining the wiki-databases.

With some help from our Swedish friends at Minors in residential placement research center we have been able to move most datasheets up to page 1-3 regarding most programs.

Still there is a lot of work. We add about 10 programs pr. month. There is now more than 500 regular pages, but an future database focus on the U.S. situation would properly count about 300 pages due to a lot of historical pages.

It is exiting news.

Che Gookin:
I've told you guys before if you want help editing your pages I'd be happy to do it. Do you take them right off the wikipedia or custom write them for each page on your SPFT site?

Pile of Dead Kids:
LOL, Gookin, "pull off of wikipedia"? Legal threats ensue the moment a program starts hearing things it doesn't like about itself, and that site doesn't have the comprehensive info on it anyway.

Oscar and company write most (but not all) of everything you find on SPFT/Fornits Wiki.

If fact is has been the other way around. If you track the history on Wikipedia you will see some being planted as a direct copy of the Fornits Wiki contents but with different categories. Then some pro-program alter them and we have a revert war. We have been better planting stuff lately and the reason is that we use a lot of references. Of course some of them are level 3 suckpoppets as result of a massive spider alike network with links backing each other up. It think some calls them web-rings.

It is a method use in the climate debate and first seen used by [ Bjoern Lomborg]. We start with a statement. We have made up our mind. Then we select the sources backing our statement up. It is rather easy. Almost every residential program has runaways, problems with staff, police reports and unhappy former residents because they are driven by profit and don't deny those who fit the specific program access. The bottom line is that it is all about selective references being backed up by more selective references, which are backed up by yet another level of selective references until it is the truth.

We have shared our knowledge of how search engines with a lot of Danish NGO's where some work hard to sell more Danish values. In exchange we have gotten a lot back. They are patriots and don't care about how much of their time they use. Try google "alcohol culture in Denmark". Almost the entire first page is work of a Danish NGO.

You can also see if you can guess what entry which is the work of a Danish NGO if you google "Exchange student information". Another funny google subject to search for is "Danish xenophobia victims".


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