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The Blood On Semblers Hands
« on: August 24, 2010, 01:16:11 PM »
I know a member of ISAC did this years ago. It might be a bit much for some to informally do this again but I think it would help us all know we are Not alone in the different things we go through. The program had seven steps, I think these seven questions would point out the unmistakeable blood on the Semblers, Peterman and Newtons hands.

If you feel you can, could you answer a few questions so the above namned can see the damage and we can all band together to help each other through these things. I believe it is in the answers to these FEW questions we can give the above namned how much blood is on their hands, how many lives they destroyed. For us, it will help us not feel alone in the extreme and continued consequences to us all. I know I had a good friend commit suicide 25 years later after not being able to talk to her parents about Straight and have them continue pro Straight.
It would be helpful if you could include how long you were a prisoner in Straight.

1) Have you or do you suffer from any back, neck or shoulder condition that causes chronic pain or is dibilitating? How long has it gone on for you? When did it start? Such as shortly after leaving or ten years later no need for dates here we are just trying to get a general but yes unscientific census.

3) How many suicides are you aware of especially recently like in the last five to ten years? Are you aware of any in the last year? Please only do not include names but intials, building and year. This will help us not count them twice.

4) The vast majority of the parents in Straight had a minimum of a bachelors degree. The majority where in a profession that trained them and required them not only recognize but report abuse (Doctors, Attorneys, Teachers, Police Officers, etc). Are you aware of any survivor able to talk freely to their parents about Straight, including if you want your own. If not, are your parents or the parents of a survivor still in denial or pro Straight?

5) Do you or have you suffered any heart problems such as; pacemaker, vasospasms, severe anxiety attacks that cause chest pains, or any other chronic heart problems and when did they star

6) How many of you are on disability that you believe is related to the torture you suffered in Straight?

7) How many individuals do you know have been in jail for a violent felony that would involve anger and or rage?
How much money has the following cost you? Any medical prblems that you believe or have good indication are a direct result of Straight? Please, remember to include your time in.

Sorry for any misspellings didnt see a spell check aand any grammer to battery low on computer rofl.

Thank-you to all of you for having the courage to sshare this with all of us.
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