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Troll Control:
I only control you.  I make you respond to every post by mentioning your fiduciary duty to Aspen Education.  Since it won't go away, your only choice, in your sick little mind, is to continue to post until you get the last word, even if it means neglecting your family to sit at the computer for days at a time.  You think if you have the last word nobody will notice your fiduciary duty to Aspen.

Check it out, in Whooter's own words:

--- Quote from: "Dysfunction Junction" ---Now he's cutting pasting Ursus' posts, too.  This is because Ursus makes him look foolish almost daily.  When Whooter loses arguments he just trolls people.

That said, links are my strong point.

--- Quote from: "TheWho" ---
--- Quote from: ""Guest"" ---
--- Quote from: ""TheWho"" ---
--- Quote from: ""Guest"" ---When is this supposed to take place?
--- End quote ---

Well the  announcement takes place after the lawyers sign off on the deal, but they usually wait until the transfer is ready to take place.
The legal transfer typically takes place at the beginning of the new quarter (or fiscal year).
So based on this I would expect the announcement would come at anytime and the transfer could occur on Tuesday October 1, 2007 or early January 2008.

--- End quote ---

How is it that you are in a position to have knowledge about the acquisition of HLA?
--- End quote ---

I apologize for being vague, I have a fiduciary duty which prevents me from speaking in any specific terms in this area and can only comment on information which is first made public by either party involved,  this could be misconstrued as “Tippingâ€
--- End quote ---

There you have it.  "Just a regular parent" Whooter knows all about Aspen Education's potential takeover of HLA.  

Yeah, sounds like every "regular parent" on my street.  They're all Aspen Education fiduciaries with insider information on Aspen's financial dealings. :roflmao:
--- End quote ---

This gets him really, really upset.

I also noticed dysfunction appears to be unraveling. It's pretty obvious when people are more interested in nitpicking everybody elses posts than just offering up their own opinions and ideas to start discussions. All that dysfunction has to offer is "look what Whooter said!" threads, sorry but that's been done about 100 times already!! Then you got people like Pile digging up the stories of people who went to treatment, since they also have no original ideas or experiences to contribute. Just a gang of losers imposing their own group think, enforcers for the cult. "But it's all for the kids", funny.

Troll Control:

--- Quote from: "elangraduate" ---
--- Quote from: "SUCK IT" ---I just want to say if I was stuck in a cell with a huge drunk guy making threats towards me, I'd be scared too! It's pretty disturbing to see some posters here salivating at the idea of Whooter being frightened, and some even fantasizing at the idea of him being raped in prison. What the hell is wrong with people.
--- End quote ---

I was frightened when you called me on the telephone the other night SUCK IT.  You spoke to me about "rape fantasy" and programs.  IMHO, you need help from a mental health professional.    ::OMG::  ::OMG::  You are a creepy person.   ::OMG::  ::OMG::

 :jawdrop:  :jawdrop:
--- End quote ---

Yeah, there's some unresolved issues there.  Maybe those encounter groups didn't help this poor guy after all.

Ever notice when Whooter is flailing SUCK IT comes to the "rescue"?  Two words: sock...puppet.

DannyB II:

Actually Whooter was locked down for child molestation. I know this cause I was locked up with him at the time for the same charge. Hey look, those druggie kids didn't want to get Straight so we had to do something bad to them and a little molestation sounded like an effective treatment. Whooter I understand and if these people dont then they just dont understand US.
peace and Powerlessness


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