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Troll Control:
Here come the sockpuppets!  Every time Whooter gets jammed up, out comes SUCK IT.  This thread was started by Joel at Whooter's request, FWIW.

How much blood money did you make? IN respect for all the survivors of abuse on fornits, I hope you donated that money to a good cause. Or did you keep it? The poster who made the most money off the troubled teen industry is none other than dysfunction junction, something to be proud of.

Troll Control:

--- Quote from: "Dysfunction Junction" ---We're still waiting for an answer to these questions.  How old were you, Whooter, when you got locked up in MI?  Were you doing drugs at that time?  Was your sister locked up, too?  Or did she split and leave you alone until your parents flew in from Europe to get you out of jail?
--- End quote ---

Still waiting.  Breaking out he sockpuppets doesn't make your admission of multiple arrests and jail time go away!

Dysfunction knows he is the only poster to make money from abusing kids, who posts on fornits. He tries to distract from this fact, and the fact he pocketed all the blood money that he fleeced from parents to abuse their children for a good amount of money.

Troll Control:
I believe there are several ex-staff here.  According to you, SUCK IT, no abuse happens in programs, so your comments make no sense.  If I abused any kids I'm sure they would have called the police and I'd be in jail right now.

BTW, SUCK IT is Whooter, who just got warned about flooding, so he switched logins to avoid the penalty.


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