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--- Quote from: "Dysfunction Junction" ---I only control you.
--- End quote ---

Thats very sad, DJ.  But it isnt true.  You spent years here trying to convince everyone that you had more education then they do.  But you never joined the conversation.  You just stood in the shadows and took pot shots at people who pissed you off (like myself).  Think about it for a minute, if a person were really so educated as yourself why wouldn't they join the discussion?  Pretending to be educated doesn't give you power over others,DJ, you need to utilize your education and defend your arguments, not tear others down to make yourself feel big.

I feel bad that you have to spend all this time attacking people who disagree with you instead of sharing your experiences..

Give it some thought,  you were staff at a few places and could shine some light on many issues that come up here and have a positive effect.


Troll Control:

--- Quote ---Actually Whooter was locked down for child molestation. I know this cause I was locked up with him at the time for the same charge. Hey look, those druggie kids didn't want to get Straight so we had to do something bad to them and a little molestation sounded like an effective treatment. Whooter I understand and if these people dont then they just dont understand US.
peace and Powerlessness
--- End quote ---

Some people have suspected that, Danny.  At least you're honest about it.  Whooter calls it "passing out fliers."  Is that some sort of code we normals aren't aware of??


--- Quote from: "Dysfunction Junction" ---Yeah, nobody said that, sockpuppet.  We said it was funny that he soiled himself while he was locked up.  Nobody mentioned "rape," but it's interesting you chose that particular item to make up, considering you have devalued rape survivors before.  

Other rape survivors aren't really "survivors" but someone laughing at Whooter's cowardice while he was in jail is "fantasizing at the thought of Whooter being raped."  Maybe you have some issues in this area that your program didn't help you with?  Or maybe something happened while you were at the program?  Normal people don't have prison rape fantasies, SUCK IT.  Just so you know.

Anyway...back to the topic.  Whooter is a common criminal.  Discuss.
--- End quote ---

My mistake. All your juvenile comments about "pooping his pants" or whatever it was you were saying was some how related to anal rape, I knew it was anal related, but I must of read it to quickly and remember it wrong. Sorry. Let me replace my phrase about laughing about him getting raped with laughing at him for pooping his pants, the same main points are the same, however. Dysfunction, I choose not to call myself a "survivor". This obviously bothers you a lot, what I choose to call myself. You can call yourself whatever you want, and it doesn't bother me in the least.

Troll Control:
Thank you, SUCK IT, for admitting you were projecting your prison rape fantasies onto others.  It wasn't very nice of you.  It was his soiling of his pants we laughed at.

It's interesting that the thoughtful and serious posts are by the so called "trolls" on this website, SUCK IT, Whooter and DannyII. If you guys want to remain credible, you might want to check the hate at the door and make some logical arguments, because it looks like you are a bunch of children arguing with the more mature adults. This is some free advice.


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