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--- Quote from: "Dysfunction junction" ---Well, it's your fault that you're a criminal and had to do time with scary black men.
--- End quote ---

Yes it is, I take responsibility for my actions.  I was just relating a personal story thats all.  Why dont you try to contribute more of your experiences, DJ, instead of trolling other people, being angry all the time and trying to make people believe you are more educated then them.  Just join in the conversation, DJ, if you have all these degrees you must be able to communicate and add value.


Troll Control:
This poster asked Whooter about his extensive arrest record and Whooter wouldn't answer:

--- Quote from: "Guest" ---Sorry, but your denial fails.  The preponderance of the evidence shows you lied about a lot of things.  You would definitely be found guilty in civil court and maybe even criminal court (where you have a lot of experience).

Let's play a little game, shall we?  Remember, I already know and can prove the answers, so answer truthfully.

True or False?  TheWho has an extensive criminal record including many arrests in Boston and one in Ann Arbor Michigan.

Let's just go one at a time so we don't confuse the readers.  Answer, please.
--- End quote ---

A few people have asked him if he was ever arrested for lewd or lascivious acts with a child and he just started trolling to derail the thread.  He's got a lot to hide and his answers don't add up.  Criminal record, fiduciary duty to Aspen Education, program child intake screening, access to RB's treatment records...I mean the list goes on and on.  This guy is a total sham and phony.  

Think about it, he's been here for five years doing opposition research on kids who were abused in programs and doing everything he could to silence them from telling their stories.  He said he had RB's treatment records and that RB was at HLA for "gay issues."  His intent was to silence a critic.  How did he get those records if he's "just a regular parent"?  That's just one example.

You're onto something here, Joel.  Keep pressing.

I just want to say if I was stuck in a cell with a huge drunk guy making threats towards me, I'd be scared too! It's pretty disturbing to see some posters here salivating at the idea of Whooter being frightened, and some even fantasizing at the idea of him being raped in prison. What the hell is wrong with people.

Troll Control:
Yeah, nobody said that, sockpuppet.  We said it was funny that he soiled himself while he was locked up.  Nobody mentioned "rape," but it's interesting you chose that particular item to make up, considering you have devalued rape survivors before.  

Other rape survivors aren't really "survivors" but someone laughing at Whooter's cowardice while he was in jail is "fantasizing at the thought of Whooter being raped."  Maybe you have some issues in this area that your program didn't help you with?  Or maybe something happened while you were at the program?  Normal people don't have prison rape fantasies, SUCK IT.  Just so you know.

Anyway...back to the topic.  Whooter is a common criminal.  Discuss.


--- Quote from: "Dysfunction Junction" ---
--- Quote from: "Whooter" ---DJ, pick it up here:

so we don't derail this thread.

--- End quote ---

Oh, that's funny.  Did I tell you I am a big black guy?  Are you soiling yourself now that you know?  Remember, Whooter, I control your actions, not the other way around. :whip:
--- End quote ---

That was like 30 years ago.  Not much frightens me now, DJ.  I had to wedge one of my shoes underneath him so he would keep from falling off the bench and I was so afraid to wake him when I left that I almost decided to leave my shoe there. lol.

In any event, I dont think you or anyone else really believes that you control other peoples actions, DJ.  Pretending to have a lot of degrees doesn't give you control over other people (If you had them you would know that).  We are all communicating and contributing our experiences, education background doesn't really come into play so you can drop the pretense and just try to be yourself.



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