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Interesting comment
« on: July 22, 2010, 03:48:35 PM »
Our search engine catched an article mentioning some facilities but it was the comments we found interesting. Especially this one:

"Having worked in the area, I would consider it very hard to make the right choice as a parent based on the advice of an educational consultant because often the economy between the consultant and the school seems to be more a relationship between an employee and an employer than ordinary business deals between two independent firms. Second as a parent you need a plan for the time once your child have left the school. It is easy to create success in a isolated environment because all the temptations are removed. Once outside it is the question of the time-out the teenagers have gotten from real life was long enough so they are adults in their mind. People learn from the failures they make, not by not doing anything, which very often is the case in boarding school where they cannot get life experience."

How do you as a parent secure that you are getting advice from an educational consultant based on the need of your child rather that financial interest with the parties in the solution offered? It seems the question we must ask.
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