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God damnit Danny stop the clover bullshit, you are not even a lucky son of a bitch are you....Fuck you had to mess with the four leaf clover all these months now everyone hates the damn things. Just STFU already with your constant spewing baby whinning.

Seems the only person BESIDES Danny that is crying is you Sharon
Maybe you should be a bit more humble. After all .. Wasnt it you that created a shitstorm with your tantrums ? At least Danny isnt posting anyone's pictures,email addy,phone numbers,address. He hasnt offered up anyone's IP's
Here you are attacking someone else as if your side of the street were tidy'd up
You are a SLOB of a person
If your life is so good
Maybe you could post something positive
Instead of the usual personal attacks
oh and Marky... Cleanup that cumstain on your cheek boy !
Just outa curiosity... who do you plan to post as now ?


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