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Congrats.. You have attained "Dumb Fuck of the Day" status..
You are a babbling idiot. How many people have to dislike you publically ? Exactly what keeps you here antagonizing others ?
Does Sharon write you a personal check every week ? Is there some deep rooted psychiatric need you have to be abused more ? Please explain what your purpose for posting here 8-12 times a dayfor the last couple months has done for you,or the cause itself.
Spouting off about Michael and his family,only furthers the idea that you dont know shit. By your own admission,you werent even in the house with Michael. Any info you think you have,is all water over the dam. Not to mention,most of what you have posted is easily accessable from any computer. You started the thread.. what was your point ? or your intention ?
As far as someone else' Psychosis. .I think its pretty clear that you,like many others you have been playing with,are pretty fucked up people. I know Felice a long time. I dont always agree with her. But she's 100% right about you. Funny thing is...
everyone say the same things about you Dano.. Over and over..
While you stay here and obsess over this, I have some work to do.. Will read your brillilant replies after dinner.
We have this saying here in the Car Business. "Sometimes the best deals,are the ones we dont take"
Please dont make us too sorry for my response.. the other little people need attention too


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