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1.Educatinal Resources 2. Imy Wax


I've been referred to two ed consults:
1. Educational Resources, BArbara Posner and Myrna (forgot her last name) in Katonah NY
2. Imy Wax

Anyone know if they deliver the goods they promise?

Is it a waste of money?

Pile of Dead Kids: ... 1021.shtml

Both Barbara and Myrna are members of the recently-protested IECA and the widely known child abuse organization NATSAP.

Imy isn't a member of either organization but you're probably still wasting your time and your money. Do you really, *really* want to pay an ed-con to make a decision like this?

(BTW, in case you're wondering, the owner of Struggling Teens, Lon Woodbury, is a sick fuck. He has experience in CEDU.. you know, the one sued out of existence for child abuse?)

Anne Bonney:

--- Quote from: "sad" ---2. Imy Wax

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Shit, I thought that was some new kind of board wax or something.  8)


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