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Every conversation with Danny or Sharon is a trainwreck


I have been reading info here for approx 10 years. With all the backstabbing bullshit. The cyber-stalking. The lying and deciet is exactly what this site (correct me if I am wrong) was constructed to fight. Here you are playing the fool and winning.
We could conclude that all from Elan are fucking nuts.. But that would be wrong
Could it be the only outlet for nutcases like yourselves ?
I think Art could find something better to do with his time. There is no solution,nor any progress
Its just the same ole same ole
I dont think this was how it was intended by the founders of this site
Gimme a break Danny/Sharon.. Better yet,give yourselves a break
I hope this doesnt cause you to create your 8th hatesite Sharon.. Or is it your 9th ??
oh and 1 "comedy" site

I think we all have figured out that you are crying
But nice picture
Maybe you could throw up all over the board a few more times... show everyone what a real nutcase you are.. .again
You really dont get it... Which has a large comedic value
Stay here and post hate Sharon.. I'll be in the water relaxing in 20 minutes


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