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The "Kick Danny's Ass" Party- come one, come all


DannyB II:


--- Quote from: "DannyB II" ---:shamrock:  :shamrock:

The quarterly "Kick Danny's Ass" party is in full swing. Che, Ursus, Felice, Antigen, The Elan Reporter, Elanasshole, RavingMad our hosting this quarters, you all know them. Come on and gets yourself some. Felice has even thrown her brother in there, she doesn't give a shit.
It starts right after Danny does not agree with someone here on fornits and posts his own views. For Danny to debate a topic here is for Danny to run the risk of a verbal beatdown.
One of the favorite verbal punches is my employment at Elan. I was staff and Ass. Director and my associations with Joe Ricci, Marty Kruglick, Jeff Gottlieb, Peter McCann, Ken Zareckski, Alice Dunne, Sharon Terry, Joe Rodriequiz, John Overton, Wendy Freeman, Janet Ramos ect...My interactions with the ring, spankings, signs, GM's, ect......
So the party is in full swing now. We moved it to it's own location this time so everyone can see how we interact with each other, ya know give it the spot light treatment.

--- End quote ---
Wake up
Call Elan for my daily instructions
Post on Fornits
Hit the Crack Pipe
Post on Fornits
Jones for more
Post on Fornits
Mug Old Lady
Post on Fornits
Suck the Glass Dick
Post on Fornits
Peep out Window for Police
Post on Fornits
Smoke more Crack
Post on Fornits
Look for rock I think I dropped on the Floor
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Find “rock” on Floor and smoke it
Rock on Floor is piece of toast  FUCK!
Clean Pipe and Jones
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Get more Crack
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Post on Fornits
Read my AA Big Book while furiously yanking my limp ass “coke dick”
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Drink Wild Irish Rose
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